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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Twisted14 View Post
The problem may be Punk, but it isn't because of the work he does. It's the shitty way WWE has gone about pushing him and promoting him. He's the WWE champion and has put on great matches throughout his run, what else can he do? I think everybody on the roster is going out there and doing the best they damn well can. Punk goes out every week and performs extremely well, whether you like the guy or you don't, you have to admit that. They all do their best with what they're given. The problem is Cena. As bboy has pointed out above. No Cena and the ratings drop. This isn't the fault of Cena or anyone else on the roster. It's quite clearly the WWE's fault.

Nobody else is on his level. Punk is the closest. There are so many people out there (kids and adults included) who only tune in to watch Cena and don't give a shit about the rest of the show. It's pretty clear when you have stories of WWE giving partial refunds to people who went to live shows expecting Cena to be there. It's a sad fucking state that they have nobody that can replace him. They have nobody built up for it. Where's Randy Orton? Filming a fucking movie. Sheamus is being built to be in that spot but he's not there yet. It's just too little too late. This is a desperate time, they have spent the last however many years dicking around and building only one guy and ignoring everyone else.

They didn't lose ALL THAT many viewers. It's the lowest rating in a long time but it isn't THAT many people, they still have heaps of people watching and there are other factors here. The football, the fact that ratings often dip around this time of year, and the fact it is a 3 hour show. A lack of Cena would definitely have contributed to it though.

They've been riding on the success of Cena for way too long and haven't been using him to put anyone else up on the same level. They came close with CM Punk this year. But they went and screwed that up by putting him below Cena all the time. This was bound to happen eventually, Cena would get injured and they wouldn't know what to do. What happens if Cena can't make HIAC? Punk v. Ryback? I would rather not see that. But if not him then who else?

^^^^ This. They put all their eggs in 1 basket with Cena. They made him an unstoppable force in 07 and they kept it going at the rest of the rosters expense.
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