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Re: WCW: 1998

WCW Nitro
Jacksonville, Florida
January 12, 1998

*Recap of last Nitro, Hogan defeats Hart for Number One Contendership*


Tony Schiavone: Hello Folks, and welcome to WCW Monday Nitro! I am Tony Schiavone, sitting alongside “The Professor, Mike Tenay, and Mike, last week we saw Hollywood Hogan defeat Bret Hart to earn a match with Sting at Souled out for the World Title, who has the upperhand?

Mike Tenay: That’s a good question, but I think the more important question is will J.J. Dillon go back and reverse THIS decision, as recently it seems the head honchos in WCW aren’t as afraid of the n.W.o. and have helped keep the strap off Hogan

Tony Schiavone: And what becomes of the WCW Tag Team Titles match at Souled Out? Last week, The Steiners and Harlem Heat match resulted in a Double Countout, but that issue will have to wait, our first match is now!

Match One: Juventud Guerrera vs Billy Kidman vs Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio. This match is announced as a Number One Contender’s Match, but since it is WCW it is only assumed that it is for the Cruiserweight Title because the other belts are all accounted for at Souled Out. This is a good back and forth match, with lots a spots and ends with Kidman and Mysterio alone in the ring. Kidman gets Mysterio down, and goes for the Seven Year Itch but Mysterio moves. He heads uptop himself and nails a hurricanrana into a leg hooked pin, but Kidman kicks out. Psychosis and Guerrera come over the top rope looking for identical planchas on Kidman and Mysterio, but are met with dropkicks and both go for the pin, Kidman on Psychosis and Mysterio on Juvy. The ref counts to three, and lifts both Kidman and Rey’s hands in the air. Kidman and Rey don’t notice the other’s hand being raised, until the announcement is made, and the two turn toward each other. Kidman lunges at Mysterio and the two brawl to the floor. Raven and Saturn come out from the back, Mortis following close behind. The four Flock members start to beat down Rey.


The Horsemen’s classic theme blares through the arena, as Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Ric Flair fly down the ramp and even the odds against the Flock. Raven and Benoit end up in the ring, as Flair and Malenko keep Saturn and Mortis at bay. Benoit delivers a picture perfect German Suplex and stands over Raven. The Horsemen retreat to the stage area with Rey Mysterio alongside them. Flair holds four fingers high in the air, and Malenko and Benoit follow suit. Rey stands awkwardly off to the side, with his hands on his hips. The Horsemen got the last laugh, but Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman still have to settle who the Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Title is!

Winner(s): Kidman and Mysterio

Backstage: Eric Bischoff, Hollywood Hogan and Curt Hennig arrive outside. Hogan is yelling into the limo for someone to hurry up and get out. Bischoff tells Hogan that their special guest will appear when he is needed, and now is not the time. The three men make their way inside.


Settling Unresolved Issues

J.J. Dillon comes down the ramp and into the ring. He already has his mic.

J.J. Dillon: “Well, Folks… I have some news. Next week on Nitro, Kidman and Rey Mysterio will square off to decide the true Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight title. The Flock is banned from ringside, and they will abide by that order, or Kidman will automatically be disqualified.”

The crowd doesn’t really seem to care…

J.J. Dillon: “Now onto the Tag Team Titles… Last week, the match was declared a double count out and no winner was decided between the Steiners and Harlem Heat. So next week on Nitro, those two teams will square off in a Tornado Tag Match!!!”

This gets a much better response from the crowd.

J.J. Dillon: “Now… Hollywood Hulk Hogan, I gave you and opportunity to prove that you were worthy of a Title match with Sting at Souled out… and you proved that you aren’t worthy of anything. You cheated to beat Bret Hart and you SCREWED Bret Hart out of a title match. Hogan, you have disrespected the company for the last time. Bret Hart has requested a match against you and a partner of your choosing. His partner… hehe (Dillon isn’t very good at this giggling thing) will be a Mystery, until the match.”

*Voodoo Child*

Hogan comes out on the ramp, mic in hand. He is scratching his beard. He looks confident.

Hollywood Hogan: “Dillon, I see that Curt Hennig already has a match tonight, and my brother in the back isn’t ready to compete yet, so I’ll have to find someone to help me beat down on Bret Hart… Listen, J.J. Hollywood didn’t become a 10 time world Champion by not being the best, and I’ve proved time and time again that I’m the best. I pinned Hart in that ring, I’m the Number One Contender.”

Dillon stands with his arms crossed, he isn’t going to just forget that it was Brass Knuckles that knocked out Hart and not Hogan.

Dillon: “So you think that using a foreign object is ok?”

Hogan is about to answer, he has the mic raised, mouth open, when;

*One Crazed Anarchist*

Chris Jericho just interrupted Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The Lionheart doesn’t seem to care, as he blasts past Hogan and down the ramp. He pauses halfway down the ramp and poses for the crowd and blows obviously sarcastic kisses toward the crowd. Jericho enters the ring, and grabs Dillon’s mic.

Chris Jericho: “Jo-Jo! You forgot my match at Souled Ou….”

Jericho looks back up the ramp and sees a stunned Hogan staring at him. Jericho isn’t as skilled on the mic as he is now, but he is still pretty clever.

Chris Jericho: “Oh…. I probably should have checked before I interrupted, but you seemed to have forgotten that I have an UNFAIR match against Disco Inferno AND Goldberg for the T.V. Title at Souled Out. Why do I have to beat two men?”

Hogan is now severely agitated. He is scowling at the obviously egotistical Jericho. Jericho peers back down the ramp at Hogan, confused by Hogan’s look.

Chris Jericho: “Hey… Ho-Ho! I know you’re a big star and all, but the Future of wrestling is trying to talk business. So, if you don’t mind”

Hogan laughs, it’s not clear if he is laughing in storyline or if he is corpsing, but Hogan stops pretty quickly and lifts the mic to speak.

Hogan: “Brother, I like you. You just came down here and told it like it is. I am a BIG STAR, and you ARE the future. You know what Dillon, brother.. Tonight, it’s going to be Chris Jericho and Hollywood Hulk Hogan against Bret Hart and whatever scrub he can find, and I promise you, brother. Jerichoholics and Hulkamaniacs will be running wild all over Florida!”

Jericho just grins from ear to ear. He pats Dillon on the chest, and exits the ring, obviously excited about this opportunity. He didn’t even get to make his point, but I suppose it doesn’t matter, Jericho is in the Main Event on NITRO!

Dillon picks up the mic and has one more thing to say…

J.J. Dillon: “Hogan, I never got a chance to tell you. At Souled Out, you will be in the title match… it will be Sting….vs Hollywood Hogan… vs Bret Hart! For the WCW World Heavyweight title!”

Hogan’s big grin as he and Jericho stood on the ramp has disappeared, and Jericho suddenly slips away from Hogan, as Hogan stares at Dillon.


Flair makes his pitch

Ric Flair is shown backstage, walking toward a locker room. He pokes his head in and says something inaudible. He then steps back, fixes his hair and adjusts his tie. The door opens again and out steps Buff Bagwell. Flair pulls Bagwell in close and he starts to make his case.

Ric Flair: “Listen, Buff. You and I have never been on the same side before, but I think you are what my team will need at Souled Out to take on The Flock.”

Buff looks oddly at Flair. Flair and Buff’s former n.W.o. cohorts were mortal enemies, but Bagwell and Flair have never really had issues personally, its always been business. Bagwell looks at the floor momentarily before looking back at Flair.

Buff Bagwell: “Ric.. it would be an honor for me to be a part of the Horsemen!”

Flair’s head perks up and his eyes open as wide as possible. He starts to shake his head.

Ric Flair: “whoa whoa whoa there Buff. Before we EVER get to that point, I need you to prove your worth to the Horsemen, and frankly right now, I don’t know what side you are on. Are you still n.W.o.? or are you WCW?”

Bagwell isn’t pleased with this. Bagwell puts his hands on his hips and looks into Ric’s face. Flair just basically told Buff that he wants him to kiss ass and tell him what he wants to hear, and Ric will let him get a chance, but Buff needs more than that.

Buff: “Ric.. How long have you known me? I make mistakes but I always own up to them, and I know that the n.W.o. did a lot to hurt you and your family, but I want you to know that I am truly sorry and lets move forward from this.”

Ric stares at Buff. He doesn’t know what to do. He wasn’t prepared for Buff to apologize, and the memories of the n.W.o. terrorizing him seem to overwhelm the Nature Boy. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko come up behind Ric. Benoit puts his hand on Flair’s shoulder.

Chris Benoit: “Look, Buff, we need help. We need someone to help us kick Raven and the Flock’s ass, and there is no one better that you. The time is now, we have to prove ourselves. The Horsemen are on the rise, and we could use a guy like you in our corner.”

Buff nods as the camera fades.

Second Match: Disco Inferno vs Alex Wright. This is a glorified squash, as Disco just dominates. The T.V. Champion doesn’t let Alex Wright breath and finishes off “Das Wunderkind” with a diving elbow drop. Disco looks unbeatable, but at Souled Out he will be taking on Goldberg and Chris Jericho with his title on the line.
Winner: Disco Inferno

After the match, Disco helps up Wright, and shakes his hand. Disco then encourages Wright to dance to his music. Berlyn he is not, as Wright boogies with Disco as we cut to a….


Third Match: Rick Steiner (with Scott Steiner) vs Stevie Ray (with Booker T). Basically this is just a warm up for the teams next week, and Steiner dominates. Scott eventually takes down Booker from behind, and Stevie comes to help his brother. The Steniers give Stevie a beatdown and leave Harlem Heat smashed near the announcer’s table. Scott and Rick scowl at the booing crowd, as the announcer announces Stevie Ray the victor via Disqualification. The Steiners don’t care about the outcome, but they got the upperhand in the tag team match next week as Harlem Heat now are forced to recover from a beatdown.

Backstage: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are standing around a T.V. watching their potential opponents for Souled Out have a match. They aren’t taking either very seriously, laughing at both teams and saying that they have this in the bag.


Back in the ring, DDP’s music hits, bringing out the United States Champion. Page looks focused. His “friends” the Outsiders made him look like a fool last week, and left him high and dry to be verbally assaulted by Curt Hennig. Page doesn’t want to mess around tonight, he enters the ring quickly and grabs a mic.

Page: “No time for catchphrases tonight, I want answers. I’m the United States Champion. I beat Curt Hennig at Starrcade, fair and square. I should be held in some kind of high regard by the other wrestlers back there…”

Page pauses. The crowd doesn’t know whether to boo or cheer Page, who almost sounds like he is turning heel.

Page: “but instead, I am left high and dry by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, who don’t even give me an answer. The WCW needs to know, JJ Dillon needs to know. Hell, Kev, I need to know. We used to be bros. We traveled together for years before you went up north. I was the FIRST guy to call you when you won that Heavyweight Title. Then you came to WCW and destroyed the company from within. Now, I stand here in the ring and you don’t even have the common decency to tell me where you stand. If your with WCW, I’m in your corner. If you’re n.W.o. I promise you this. I will be beating the living *shit* out of you each and every chance I get.”

The crowd slowly built to a roar during a heartfelt promo by Page, and Page then turns toward the announce table, and then back up the ramp.

Page: “well, one more thing. I haven’t wrestled in THREEEEE weeks, and this guy wants some action. Anyone in the back who wants to come out and challenge me…. “
The crowd seers in anticipation. Page has given anyone in the back a chance to pin the U.S. Champ, will anyone accept

An unfamiliar music fills the arena, Page looks confusedly at the entrance ramp. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash appear, wearing red shirts. Hall has on a red bandana, and is doing his “flying routine” across the stage. The crowd eats up this new entrance, and Nash smiles widely at the crowd.

Nash: “Well, Page. You and I go way back. Great! Now If you could please explain to me why you refused my offer to join me in the n.W.o. I could maybe understand why I owe you anything. (Page just shrugs at Nash) See, for the past 18 months, the n.W.o. was where the action was, where the top dogs ran. Now, the so called top dogs of the n.W.o. can’t even win rigged matches. So I decided to run with my own pack… THE WOLFPACK! AHWHOOOOOOO”

It’s clear that the fan’s don’t understand Nash. Did he just say he was with WCW?

Nash: “I hate to tell you all, but WCW, I’m still not… too many bad memories, but the Wolfpack is the future! We can start fresh, and not mess up the way that Hogan and Bischoff did. I’m giving you one chance DDP… Join the Wolfpack, and help US bring down the n.W.o. and WCW”

Page looks toward the crowd and seems to ask what they want. The crowd isn’t chanting, but roaring at Page.

Page: “Bro, I’m WCW through and through. This company gave me a chance, and I am staying true to these guys.”

Nash: “well… Then I guess I accept your challenge.”

Page: “Challenge? What Challenge?”

Nash: “You left an open challenge for anyone in the back. I was back there, and now I’m going to kick your ass.”

Fourth Match: Diamond Dallas Page vs Kevin Nash (with Scott Hall). Page tries to speed bag Nash as “Big Sexy” rolls into the ring, but Nash is a massive man, and powers his way out of Page’s clutches. Nash attempts a quick powerbomb, but Page is able to spin though the arms of Nash, and lands facing Nash face-to-face. Page hits a Diamond Cutter. Page pins Nash, but Scott Hall pulls the ref from the ring and attacks DDP. Hall hits the Razor’s Edge, and then Nash lands a big elbow drop. The ref comes back to his knees and is calling for the bell, but he isn’t visible to the time keeper. Hall drops down to the floor and rips the stripes off the ref, and puts them on. He rolls into ring and counts the “pin” on Page. Hall then calls for the bell.
Winner: Kevin Nash..?

Big Sexy and Hall exit the ring, and walk up the ramp to their new music, holding their hands high in the air making “W”s with their fingers. The Outsiders just made their presence known.


Fifth Match: Curt Hennig vs Buff Bagwell. Bagwell looks focused as he makes his entrance. Going against a former n.W.o. running mate seems to be a little much for Bagwell. Hennig takes the whole match to Bagwell. Buff can only land a few right hands as Hennig hits kicks and punches with precision and force, left and right. Hennig irishwhips Bagwell into a corner, and sets Buff onto the top rope, and goes for a Superplex. Bagwell realizes what is going on and punches Hennig in the head, and shoves him to the mat. Buff stands up on the top rope and calls for the Buff Blockbuster. Hennig is confused as he gets to his feet, and turns to find Buff. Bagwell leaps off the top rope and goes for his finisher, but as he catches Hennig’s neck, Hennig catches Bagwells head and the two crash to the mat. Hennig stands up, still holding Bagwell’s head under his arm. He lifts Bagwell for a suplex, and rolls through for a pin. Bagwell is resilient and kicks out, but Hennig doesn’t panic. He stands Buff up, and hits a Hennigplex for a pin.
Winner: Curt Hennig

After the match, Hennig starts to kick Bagwell and pushes him out of the ring. Hennig then poses in the ring, as we cut backstage.

Backstage: Ric Flair, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit watch the match on T.V. and are not happy with the result. Bagwell might not be their man.


These introductions are going to take a while

The main event match is now, and Hitman’s partner still hasn’t been revealed. As the fans are shown a video package reviewing the match the week before between Hogan and Hart, Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone discuss the upcoming match.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, I am wondering, are you thinking the same thing that I am?

No Tony, Mike Tenay has intellectual things to think about….

Mike Tenay: Tony, I think that Bret Hart might have helped WCW snatch up another one of WWF’s former stars to be his tag team partner tonight!

Tony Schiavone: We can only guess as to the identity of Hart’s partner this evening, but one would get the feeling that Bret Hart doesn’t have many friends in what is surely still a foreign locker room.

We’re about to find out.

*One Crazed Anarchist*

Chris Jericho makes his second entrance of the evening. This time Jericho looks (acts) like a massive star. He holds his hands out to his side and drops his head as he gets to the apron, and enters the ring to what is a huge pop for the “Lionheart”. Jericho soaks up the cheers, as his partner makes his way out.

*Voodoo Child*

Hollywood Hogan comes out, with Eric Bischoff, to a mixed bag. The fans love Hogan, but he is such an evil guy now they want to hate him. Hogan soaks up the crowd reaction as Bischoff bows down to the immortal.

Hogan and Jericho talk in the ring, and seem to be discussing strategy. Wouldn’t it have been smart to talk about this before the match?

*Hitman in the House*

Bret Hart comes onto the entrance ramp and looks out to the roaring crowd. In the ring, Hogan starts to look toward the rafters. Is Sting the tag team partner? Uh oh…


The crowd erupts at Goldberg’s music. The Beast makes his way to the ring, blowing smoke and oozing intensity. Goldberg gets to the ringside area, and he and Hart begin to circle the ring.

Sixth Match: Hollywood Hogan and Chris Jericho vs Bret Hart and Goldberg.
Jericho and Hart start this match, and put on a clinic of reversals and chain moves. Jericho ends up with Hart in a wrist lock, and goes to tag in Hogan. The two double team Hart in the corner, and Jericho goes back to the apron. Hogan delivers some massive right hands to Hart and goes for a bodyslam, but Hitman hooks the leg. Hart is able to deliver his own body slam, and slowly makes his way to his corner and tags in Goldberg. Goldberg sprints into the ring and goes for clothesline to Hollywood, but the immortal one ducks and Goldberg goes into Jericho’s corner. “Lionheart” kicks Goldberg in the back of the head, and the Beast goes down to one knee. Hogan kicks him in the ribcage and then tags in Jericho. Jericho goes off the far ropes and hits a basement dropkick on Goldberg. Jericho then grabs the legs of the Beast and attempts the Liontamer. Goldberg gets turned over, but he is too large for Jericho to actually lock the move on properly and tosses Lionheart across the ring. Goldberg kips up and goes for a tag to Hart. Hart comes in and hits a few suplexes on Jericho and goes for an elbow to the face. Jericho moves, and Hitman makes awkward contact with the mat.

Hart clutches his knee, and it appears the Hitman has injured himself. Jericho is able to tag in Hogan, but Hart can’t make it to Goldberg, who is jumping up and down on the ring apron. Hogan stands Hart up and starts to punch away at him. Hogan does a scoop slam, and drops an elbow to the midsection. He quickly tags back in Jericho, who goes up top, and hits Hart with a drop kick. Jericho puts one foot on Hart and flexes. The ref starts to count, but only gets to 2 before a kick out. Jericho stomps Hart a few times and does a standing senton. Jericho stands back up and goes for the flexing, one legged pin again. Hart is able to grab Jericho’s leg and turns him into a Sharpshooter!
Jericho writhes in pain, as Hogan enters the ring, only to suffer a massive spear. Goldberg then pushes Hogan to the floor and watches Hart wrench Jericho into tapping.
Winner: Bret Hart and Goldberg.

Jericho rolls to the floor and looks at Hogan in disgust. Jericho starts to throw things at ringside and scream that it’s NOT FAIR!!! Jericho starts to wreck the announce table, and pushes Schiavone and Tenay as they back away from the table. He turns around and is face-to-face with Goldberg. Goldberg screams that Jericho is next, and grabs a handful of his hair. Hogan comes up behind the Beast and hits him with a chair. Sting emerges from the crowd holding his signature bat and hits Hogan and Jericho and points at Hart. The camera shakes and a massive figure appears from behind the camera man. It's the Giant! The Giant starts to dismantle Sting, and Hart, and then looks toward Goldberg. Goldberg enters the ring, at a slow, methodical pace. The Giant is obviously Hogan, Hennig and Bischoff's trump card, and their special guest for the evening! The two circle the ring as the announcers get their mics back on and declare that Nitro is OUT OF TIME! The camera fades on a scene of Goldberg and the Giant staring eachother down.


WCW 1998: be the booker

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