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Re: Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread

Fit Finlay vs Danny Collins 86-02-01

Now before this match even begins I want to bring up how great a job Kent Walton did putting over this 18 year old Danny Collins as the under dog who has no chance against a competitor as tough as Fit Finlay, It really help build up some sympathy for the babyface Danny Collins.

Now this was billed as a catchweight match which for the most part Finlay didn’t treat as one and proceeded to give Danny one hell of a beating, Danny was taking some really nasty looking bumps all through the match including a stiff uppercut in the first round which looked like it could knock out a man who was twice the size of Danny, It could have been all over in the first round to as Finlay was just about to lock in a single leg Boston crab before the bell went.

Things didn’t get much better for Danny in the second round he did hit a cross body from the top but apart from that Finlay was in control. Kent Walton is still doing a great job getting sympathy for the babyface.

Danny did a great job in the finally round, kept getting up after everything Finlay did to him and wouldn’t stay down until Finlay finally hit him with a piledriver for the win.

Not a bad match at all ***

Danny along with Kent Walton did a great job of playing up his babyface role in this match, selling all his bumps like a champ and getting big cheers when even he hit a move, which I think he only did three times all match, A really good underdog performance by Danny Collins, and like i already said It's not a bad match.


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