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Re: Monster Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 1

The monsters were roaming about, feeling pretty comfortable about themselves. Who would come after them, let alone try to take them down amidst their teammates? chr1st0 was feeling especially confident, and he roamed around by himself with his nose to the ground. He heard the man and the revving of the chainsaw only when it was too late. All he could do was turn around just to see the crazed smiling face as the whirling blades decapitated.

chr1st0 was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are The Wolfman, The Tracker, Monster Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. As you are part wolf, it comes as no surprise that you are good at tracking people and hunting them down. Each night you may PM me the name of a player. You will follow this person and see who, if anyone, they visit that night.

That wasn't all, not by a long shot. Still lurking around, when his target could not be found, the man took out his frusturation on HitGirl, whom he found slinking down a dark alley. Though she put up quite a fight, the attacker got the upper-hand after she slipped in a puddle leachate. The man pounced on her in a moment and only a moment and slew her.

HitGirl was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are The Thing, The Gravedigger, Monster Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. As you can take the form of the dead, each night you can PM me the name of a dead player. If this person had a role you will be given a 1-shot ability of it. You may not use the same personís role more than once and some roles you will not be able to use this on.

CamillePunk awoke the following morning and exited his home to the crisp autumn air, waving a hello to Roy. A horse gave a great neigh from somewhere nearby causing them both to jump up. They ran off, trying to find the source of the animal. After rounding a corner the horse galloped by, it's rider slunk over the reigns having been apparently beaten to death.

scrilla was:

Spoiler for :

Congratulations, you are The Headless Horseman, The Note-Passer, Monster Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. Youíve lost your head and itís off somewhere, and each night you can decide who it ends up with. PM me the name of a player and a message youíd like me to give them, and I will send it to them verbatim.

It is now Day 2. With 15 alive, it's 8 for majority.

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