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Re: Noyk: Fucking or chastity, which is it then?

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
I also lie in Online games, pretending to be a girl so I can troll some players into obscurity. Does that mean I'm someone who is trying to fit in and get a bunch of nerdy, horny dude's acknowledgement? It's for my own, and other people's entertainment, especially doing this on Raidcall/Teamspeak, you should try it sometime, I swear you will even grow some abs from laughing so much.
And yes, some people might have an opinion of it as a childish and unfunny thing to do, but again; opinion.

Oh and I hope you're not immature enough to crack a 'lolfag' joke about what I wrote up.

I'll tell you again like I've stated in this forum before; I am alot, alot different on the Internet than I am in real life, with the exception of when I am talking to real friends of course.

It has nothing to do with someone's life. So let's pretend I was freaking Cristiano Ronaldo, what would that tell you? You judged my persona and personality over some Internet play-around thing, yet the 'real me' is a young millionare that gets all the chicks he wants.

What I'm saying is, again, stop taking so much things into context to the point of judging someone's real life actions and personality over the Internet. It's stupid, really. There's a few people that know how my normal self acts like, at least someone has a conscience around here to understand that most of the stuff I do is play around and act 'out of myself'.

Seriously just shake it out mate.
This is one of the most hilarious things I read in this forum.

Why would you pretend to be a girl in a online game? For what reason? To turn some guys on? That's pathetic. Seriously pathetic.

Originally Posted by SheamusO'Shaunessy View Post
Lol, people high as fuck, allowing themselves to be trolled by Noyk and shit.
Why do you just the shut the fuck up?

Originally Posted by Abk™ View Post
Emm, enough of this hilarious shit NoyK or whatever your name is. If you don't take this serious as you claim then why bother posting and replying to every single post exposing you as a big fat liar. Have you forgotten its on the internet? on the INTERENT*KEY WORD, REMEMBER?

I'm not one who shows up in rants often, but i've flipped through all 27 pages just to see how pathetic you're. You've been owned, admit it. If Andre cares about your sex life and whatnot then that's him. Others care about something else. Rush wants to know why you lie (same with me) but you still haven't responded to him trying to pretend to be cool and act as if you just don't care when in truth you hope this thread gets closed. Seabs just finished off the ownage.

To see you defend yourself with hilarious posts makes you look worse than you were from the outset. Pathetic.
This sums it up Noyk.

You got buried.

Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
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