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Re: My pro-wrestling video game collection

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Raw 2 doesn't hold up so well these days, but yeah, with nothing else to play back in the day I fucking loved it lol, and can still get some enjoyment out of it today.

Wasn't the career/story mode for... WM 19 on gamecube similar to Betrayal? Side scrolling beat em up or something? I remember it being utter ridiculous for a full console game lol .
Yeah you had to go round backstage and beat up construction workers.lol. I don't think I ever played it through to the end, if i remember correctly Stephanie was the big bad sending all these guys out to beat you up

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
am i the only person confused as to what RVD is doing next to rock and hogan on the WM X8 cover?
RVD was placed on the cover for the PAL release after Stone Cold did his infamous 'taking his ball and going home' so wwe wanted to get his face from merchandise asap, RVD was flavor of the month so they whacked him on

Originally Posted by PricelessDamnation View Post
That's an amazing collection you've got there, but are you missing WCW Nitro? If not, then I don't see it, lol.

Now that I see an actual picture with them, the European covers of SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth, SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain and SmackDown vs RAW 2011 are SO much better than the American covers. However, the European cover of SmackDown vs RAW 2007 looks a little plain, lol.
Never owned Nitro, got the follow up 'Thunder' which is basically the same game but with a bigger roster, on a side note Thunder has a very bizzaire roster, you can play as a giant ant and goriila, think the complete roster is over 100

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