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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
You said you're 14. You don't need to tell me what people were wearing in the 90's. I was there, LOL.

NOBODY was still wearing "snapbacks" by 96. That's not limited to Pac. We were rocking fitteds by then, which Pac wore many times too. By you're right about the red, like the red LA hat he wore in the To Live and Die in LA video.

The Outlawz followed Pac, not the other way around.
Still, that doesn't change he went from snapbacks to specifically bandannas. And they still influenced a lot of his subject matter.

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Death Row and the New York shooting did ruin 2Pac but all his albums when he was alive are classics. All Eyez on Me might be a step down from Me Against the World in terms of content and lyrics but the beats are just awesome. Pure west coast music even if Pac was a bit 'above' it seeing how intelligent he was.

And Pac had not completely lost his mind in Death Row yet. He was working shit out to finish his contract and get out of the hell the east/west shit created. He was working on what, 3 albums? But he ended up getting killed before he had a chance. That also makes me think Suge was involved. How come none of the shots hit him and I heard he would owe Pac shitloads of money if he were to leave. Basically, Pac sold his soul to the devil and wanted it back after realizing his mistake.
Again this continues with my theory of being killed by Crips. Pac jumped a Crip, then gets killed soon after. Don't think the Crips would go after Suge since he's actually a true Piru unlike Pac who was just affiliated.


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