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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Riddle101 View Post
Oh no he has hair on his chest. WWE will never push a guy who doesn't look like a male model.
The current WWE Champion has tats all over his chest. Pretty sure Ambrose will be fine.

Originally Posted by hazuki View Post
This Monday would be the perfect way to debut Dean Ambrose. Attack Vince out of nowhere, and bam instant heat.
I like the idea of Ambrose debuting in "out of nowhere" way. But against Vince? That might be asking a bit much.

Originally Posted by RDEvans View Post
If wwe wants to debut Ambrose in a big way have him attack Vince on monday when he is giving a speech about how terrible Raw has become lately that he needs a wrestler that will take on anyone and the entire world *hint* *hint* then a "fan" rushes in the ring and jumps Vince.
If they did like this were Ambrose just a random fan and he's trying to make an impact, then this might work. But still, Ambrose is the last guy I'll be thinking about when Vince is in the ring.

I seems Ambrose shares our sentiment.

On a serious note, I could see Ambrose debuting as an "outsider" trying to break into the WWE.

Originally Posted by Eddie Ray View Post
ok...i'm excited now...I admit.

also, I know I've been defending the booking of house shows but now its getting stupid. its not even possible in terms of realism for ambrose to lose to Santino. he could kick him in in real life, let alone in the ring. However, again, santino is over, people would want to see him win bla bla bla.
You're looking way to far into Santino's comedy character. Santino in real life is mixed martial aritst and he knows Judo. If anything, in a real life fight, Santino would probably kick the snot out of Ambrose. And besides, dark matches and house shows don't mean a thing. A relatively unknown superstar isn't going to beat a superstar as over as Santino.

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