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Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
Blank stare.

The fuck?

But anyway, some of your responses are making it seem like you take some kind of weird pride in championing rappers of different races(especially if they are obscure) which is just odd to me. Riding hard for rappers on that basis is just as bad as people who will only listen to rappers who go platinum.
Its not my fault you can't understand simple things, including not knowing common metaphors sorry.Pride in what? You're just making shit up too. I guess Jus Allah,Reef,Torae,Ruste Juxx,King Syze,King Mag,Kool G Rap etc are all secretly white right?

"blank stare"

Originally Posted by jpchicago23 View Post
Yea playing the race card gets old after a while. Some people listen to guys like Vinnie Paz and RA just to say they know aboout them. I doubt he's even given Black Thought a chance, dude is so nice lyrically and has one the best deliveries ever. Being a contrarion doesnt mean 3 stacks and Thought are trash it just means you want to look like the guy that is deep and intellectual by listening to someone underground. If youre a very good underground rapper youll have more of a buzz than those guys do, not saying i dislike Paz but to even put him on the level of guys like Scarface and 3k is a joke. Instead compare him to other underground rappers like Elzhi or Phonte in which case he isnt as good either imo.
Ya even though Dre nearly dropped Eminem for being white and was told to do so. Or how about latinos who were overlooked until Big Pun made it big(like Q-Unique). Race does play a part in hiphop, whether you like it or not. In the mainstream thats just how it is.

Originally Posted by Notorious View Post
You're not the only one but even the guys you love, Vinnie Paz & R.A. the Rugged Man probably wouldn't say shit like Scarface or Black Thought is trash.

Off the top of my head, just a couple months ago, Ab-Soul (Guy in my sig with the fro) released a song talking about Bohemian Grove on his album. And there are plenty others who've talked about it. Strangling the pope with his rosary, well yeah not many people talk about killing a religious figure. My point being there's nothing that Vinnie Paz does that separates him from the rest of the pack, he really doesn't rap about anything that makes him stand out more than others and he doesn't have the skills where he does either.

Eminem, a white guy is the best selling rapper of all-time. Mac Miller, a white Jew just had a #1 album on Billboard last year while being independent. Big Pun, with all due to respect was an overweight Hispanic guy, and he's widely considered one of the greatest ever. Fat Joe, another overweight Hispanic guy, at one point in time was one of the most popular mainstream guys out. Paul Wall, a white rapper at one point was a big mainstream act he had a couple #1 albums on Billboard. The list goes on and on, playing the race card is a cop-out.
Who cares if they think the same as me or not?Like I said its all opinion. Also, am I the only one or not? Pick one and stick with it

Nothing that Vinnie does that doesn't separate from the pack? Then you're clearly just saying that because of me. Don't like him thats fine, thats your opinion but to say he's not different to me is absurd.

Yes Eminem is a white rapper, but thats the point you can't name very many and they usually die very quickly. Vanilla Ice,Bubba Sparxx,Asher Roth etc . Who has really stayed other than Eminem?Off the top of my head I can't think of many , especially ones that did something for hiphop. But you made my point, you can only name a couple in the mainstream but theres so many in the underground.

Apathy put it best"I never made it because I never tried to make you dance" and quite frankly try to tell me Paul Wall,Asher Roth or most of the mainstream isn't about dance music. Majority of it is

At the end of the day, there's far too many variables to decide who's the best and even a top 10 is too difficult to make

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