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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

It amazes me that some people try to rush to WWE's defense and claim "they are making money". No, NO THEY ARE NOT. They are losing money badly. You don't lose over 1/2 of your stock value in 2 years unless you are bleeding money like your femoral artery got opened up. Vince has lost 500 million dollars in that time. Where did that money go? If they were making any money at all their stock would be going up. Stock experts have labeled WWE a "dead duck" stock which means they don't believe WWE will still be in business for a significant amount of time to be worth the investment risk.

You can link whatever bullshit cooked book numbers Vince puts out, but none of that changes the fact of their stock and its performance. Can't lie about that one.

Then there's the "well, TNA sucks...", except that TNA has never been at the highs that WWE was. It's small time compared to that, PLUS, their operating costs are much lower than WWEs. This analogy is so flawed. It's like if McDonalds suddenly lost over half its value, but their fans claim, "well, Ma & Pa Kettle's Kitchen down the road is small time, only has one store, and makes less money than McDonalds, therefor McDonalds is doing good."

WWE is starting to feel it to. Vince knows what is happening. He knows full well he is in deep shit unless he pulls off a miracle.

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