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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
A couple things I gotta disagree with.....2Pac was down with the Outlawz before Death Row. They were known as Dramacydal orginally, and were on Me Against the World, and had worked with Pac as far back as 93.

Also, I don't think the "snapbacks to bandanas" thing was significant. That was just fashion changes. Nobody called them snapbacks then, they were just the standard, regular hat. Once fitteds became more common, snapbacks were old and cheap and nobody wore them anymore by the mid-late 90's.

Crazy to me how they are popular now, they're just a shitty hat and better quality hats exist and kids WANT the shitty ones. LOL.
The snapbacks to bandannas thing was significant. Snapbacks is what every average black person at the time and still today wear, wheareas bandannas are meant to say that you're gangster, at the time. 2Pac, going from snapbacks to bandannas showed he was truly trying to portray himself as more of a gun toting thug.

Sure he was down with the Outlawz, but it got to the point, there type of gangsta rap was rubbing off on him.

Originally Posted by Makaveli View Post
I would rep you for this if I could. You pointed out perfectly why he's still a role model for me today and it's a damn shame that a lot of people still see him as the trouble making thug that he DIDN'T want to be seen as and was trying to prove people otherwise.

In essence, that stupid fucking sexual assault charge is what ended up killing him because it sent him to prison where Suge would eventually bail him out in exchange for signing to Death Row and as it was mentioned THAT was what fed into a lot of Pac's changing thug mentality which likely got him killed.

Whoever that dumb broad is that lied and got Pac caught up in all that shit is a BITCH. Pac was a tortured soul and while we all miss him at least he's at peace. That man had been shot, wrongfully sent to prison, harassed, misrepresented and portrayed in the media, paranoid, lied to, had people gassing him up, etc. I couldn't imagine what he had been going through. I'd go crazy too.
Honestly think to this day the Crips killed 2Pac, With him jumping a Crip, and already reppin MOB Pirus, just gave them reason to kill him. It's just society, like to portray celebrities as almighty gods so that when they killed it's automatically some big conspiracy theory behind it, like Illuminati. Like Pac didn't even believe in Illuminati. Killuminati the album was meant to kill the hype machine about them.

Agreed, at least he was at peace. Can't stress how many times you listen to songs after the shooting and wonder if he himself just wants to die.


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