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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

Well there are five matches that have the potential to be motn in my opinion and are go through them now

austin aries vs jeff hardy
we all know what A double can do. it just depends on what Jeff Hardy turns up on the night. Not sure who will win the match but I have a funny feeling that AA's might have a hand in the outcome of the match.

AA'S vs Sting & Bully Ray
If TNA do use this match to reveal who is under the masks then I hope they have gotten a big name to be either the leader or the vp. If not then this could not only put a downer on the rest of the evening but could also be damageing to the company going forward. As for the match itself it all depends on which two members of aces take on Sting and bully ray. If TNA get this right then this could be a very entertaining match.

Kaz & Daniels vs Aj & Angle vs Chavo & Hernandez
I'm getting quite exited about this match at the moment and can't wait to see what chavo and hernandez bring to the matchup. I expect to see Kaz and Daniels keep the titles after possible interfearance from a certain AA's member who goes by the name of Wes Brisco.

Bobbie roode vs james storm
This two guys know each other inside out and i'm expecting a five star match here. my only concern is the inclusion of King Mo. Tna may have made a mistake here and could ruin the match.

Samoa Joe vs Magnus
It looks as if Tna are going to finally give Magnus a push and I think we may see a upset here and see Joe drop the belt. Either way its going to be a top match.

As for the other two matches they don't intrest me at all. but don't be surprised if you also get a X division title match as well.
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