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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

1. Joey Ryan vs. Famous B

A lot of fun here, cool opener. Ryan winning via Tazmission was a nice touch.


2. Roderick Strong vs. TJ Perkins

I’m a sucker for matches like this, and a huge TJP mark, hence the big rating. But fuck it, you just can’t ask for more awesomeness from a 12 min match. Roddy was tremendously motivated here, and TJP displayed some immense ninja shit. Epic match.


3. The RockNES Monsters vs. The Fightin’ Taylor Boys

Solid stuff, which is the maximum you can ask for from these guys. Chucky T provided big amounts of entertainment, as expected. And am I the only one who finds Goodtime miles and miles better than Yuma?


4. Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards

Another very good effort from BCT, he’s really on the roll, and shows PWG can count on him as a main event player.


5. World Championship: Kevin Steen vs. Willie Mack

Epic title match. The story where Steen has to be extra ruthless because Mack is almost invincible in PWG (plus he already has 1-0 against Steen) was told to perfection, and it was interesting to see Mack being demolished, with having to work from behind. That was simple and great. The ref bump on Knox was fucking awesome and very realistic (he was selling it like a motherfucker), and BCTs interference fueled the match. Steen ending it with the Psycho Driver was a fantastic detail.


6. B-Boy vs. Drake Younger

Chucky T on commentary = WINNING! I’m a huge mark for matches where you just put two guys inside to beat the living shit out of each others. That shit happened here, and while it was just a galore of batshit stiff and heavy strikes in it’s core, it simply had no reason to be anything else. They worked a simple story and managed to display their characters (B-Boy beaing a ruthless punishing motherfucker, and Drake willing to go through hell), so I don’t really get the super hate for this one.


7. Michael Elgin vs. Sami Callihan

Another stiff as fuck match where they beat the living shit out of each others. I just love Sami’s wrestling-on-coke style, and Elgin was more badass than usual, he couldn’t afford another loss after Mack beat him in his debut. An awesome match. Steen was great on commentary, btw.


8. Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championship: The Super Smash Bros vs. Future Shock vs. The Young Bucks

Fucking insanity unleashed. The Bucks were MVPs of the match. No review can describe the greatness of this fucking chaos. Excalibur and Steen were losing their shit on commentary.

***** (my new MOTY)

Up there with DTABM for the best show of the year moniker. This was just great.

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