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Re: How to give RAW the biggest ratings ever (Joke Thread)

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
Vickie Guerrero: Dolph, we have been together for years now, and we should be remembered as the best power couple in WWE history! But there is one problem, all anyone remembers is my ex-husband Edge and his sex celebration with Lita. I want us to...

Dolph Ziggler: Are you trying to say that you want us too...ummm...

Vickie Guerrero: We need to top them! We need a sex celebration of our own!

Dolph Ziggler: Vickie...i'm sorry...i can't do this.

Vickie Guerrero: (starting to get angry) Dolph, you know you need me, i'm the reason you are a former world champion! This WILL happen, and it will HAPPEN tonight! Promise me, NOW!

Dolph Ziggler: ....Vickie...i..uh...promise...there will be...a...a...a....Sex Celebra...tion tonight.

*Later on Raw, a bed is in the ring with a red carpet, all set up for the Vickie/Ziggler sex celebration, both Vickie and Dolph are in the ring*

Vickie: Would you like to do the honors of starting us off, Dolph? *grins*

Vickie gets on the bed, covering herself with the bed sheet.

Dolph hesitantly goes in there and as he uncovers the bed sheet, ITS ACTUALLY KELLY KELLY INSIDE! The crowd goes wild and Dolph Ziggler is surprised and relieved at the same time.

Kelly Kelly: I missed this last time because i was stuck on ECW, but not this time, i always wanted to do this *grins*

Kelly Kelly goes covers herself with the bed sheet this time and Dolph goes to uncover it, revealing....MAE YOUNG INSIDE.

Mae Young: No you bimbo, I always wanted to do this *grins*
A few years ago, this wouldn't have been outside the realms of possibility, haha.


Vince McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, today I come before you with a statement that will change the face of this company FOR-EVERRRRR.


VKM: Tonight, in THIS - VERY - RING....I will redeem the nature of this very business with what I am about to say today. You will not believe what you are going to he-

*Michael McGillicutty comes out*

MM: Vince, shut up! Now you know, I am the guy who does the long, rambling promos around here. I am sick to death of being on NXT! These people...will know...that I will be making my appearance on this show, and then I will deliver the epitome of excitement known to the man, when the genesis is born and-

*Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out*

SCAS: BOOOOOOORIIIIIIING! *stuns McGillicutty* Vince, what the hell is this damn announcement? Speak up you sorry son of a bitch!



Ron Simmons: DAMN!
Michael Cole: OH MY!
Jerry Lawler: NO!

VKM: They will be callled.....THE WWE.....VEGETABLE RACK!


Jim Ross: This is absolutely asinine. How in thee hell can this man sleep at night?

SCSA: Well...I gotta say Vince. This is a hell of a good idea. Hell son, I've viewed these people as vegetables for the entire time I've been here. They're just a bunch of vegetating sacks of shit! (ooooh!)

JR: FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! *gets on mic* I'd also like to throw in my two cents. These people...are nothing but rotting vegetables of the lowest form. Hell, even my BBQ sauce won't make them any better.

King: Yeah, they're all vegetables!
Cole: To hell with the WWE Vegetable Rack!
SCSA: If you wanna be called the WWE Vegetable Rack - gimme a hell yeah!


VKM: You people will chant that at anything. You are so ridiculous.

SCSA: If you people are the dumbest sons o' bitches on this planet earth, gimme a hell yeah!


JR: They just won't sell!

SCSA: If you all like to indulge in a bit of self-fellatio, gimme a hell yeah!


SCSA: I'm sick of this crap.


SCSA: I'm outta here.








King: Oh my god, the WWE Vegetable Rack has turned their backs on the WWE Universe!

*crowd keeps chanting 'what?' as Vince keels over in the middle of the ring*

*show goes off air*

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