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Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

It's been brewing for years.

20 years ago wrestling was special. To the kids who don't know it was like let me explain it to you.

Here in Australia we would get to see wrestling on the TV once every so often, Americans had their Saturday morning shows, the Canadians too, Mexicans have their lucha libre and the Japanese had their hardcore style too. Many independent promotions offered different alternatives too.

Although there was so much product, we never had the internet, TV stations didn't air that much wrestling and even if they did, it was all different!

Everything in America is now under the same umbrella. It's WWE and nothing else for the majority.

It's a massive brand and they're still making a lot of money, but there's much concern for McMahon's precious baby.

1. The companies worth has deteriorated to the point where McMahon is only worth 500million - half of what he was worth 10 years ago.

2. The big time superstars are going, going or gone,

3. The new guys just don't cut the mustard.

4. Too much wrestling airs on TV.

5. History is irrelevant. No one cares about the titles, storylines end abruptly and they're never revisited or acknowledged (just look at Cena Vs. Punk, they've started a 'new' rivalry. It's the same guys, who've fought a million times before, but now...it's for a different reason!)

6. The fans are fucking lame. Wrestling was cool because the people who attended the shows were at their prime. You had a mixture of teens, male adults, kids, woman...but now you have families and families just don't provide a hostile atmosphere that WRESTLING events require. It's almost like we're going to watch The Wiggles now when WWE come in town. No longer are the wrestlers 'cool rock stars', they are children entertainers

7. Linda McMahon's campaign will prevent anything from changing.

8. The world has moved on, wrestling doesn't matter anymore. It's past it's time, there's still a market, but not for the masses anymore. People who watch wrestling now are as cool as those who listen to Nickleback, oh and guess what...Nickleback was the theme to Wrestling for years right?

9. No tag division, mid card division, cruiserweight division (oh hey remember when they got some midget that can't wrestle to retire a belt that was given such great credibility by guys like Guerrero, Mysterio, Malenko, Jericho, Benoit..)

10. The woman who are hired cannot hold a candle to Lita, Trish, Stacy and the golden era of talent that we were lucky to see from 97-03

I haven't watched since Jericho left, he's my favourite so once he went, I went with him. I don't care for the product, the wrestlers irritate me and the entire direction of the show fucking pisses me off.

After last weeks rating, the consistently terrible ratings in general and the lower profile that the WWE has in pop culture, it's safe to say that eventually you'll start to see the ratings lower more, the arenas empty more and the fans just switching off.

After all this shit, I can just say that the WWE does get ONE thing right every year. WrestleMania. Once they fuck that up too, we're done.

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