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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
Yes I was. Go read a few back and you're trashing me now for adding them in but you fail to see that. You dont want to be seen as someones who's trashing anothers opinion but its exactly what you're doing. Most guys if not 90% of "greatest of all time" will always be mainstream rappers that or if they're dead they'll shoot up to the list unfortunately.

Why should I name songs? You'll say they aren't good and we're back to the"my opinion means more than yours". I could name some gret tracks but why bother? Of all underground guys imo Vinnie should be talked about as one of the all time greats and I'm not afraid to say it,maybe top 30-50. He's versatile in what he raps about and says shit no one else does and is talented but no one wants to hear a fat Italian Muslim rapper regardless of content
If never would've said those comments about Face, 3K & Black Thought and then had the Eric B thing happened, no one would've even cared. The sole reason people started coming at you is because of those two things.

I don't think my opinion means more than yours and I never said mine did. But I'm not alone on this, the only person ITT who thinks that Scarface, Black Thought & 3K suck is you. The only person in this thread that thought Eric B. was a rapper is you. The only person in this thread who's hyping up underground rappers is you. Everyone else disagrees with you and they have good reason to. Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean it can't be wrong.

What does Vinnie Paz say that no one else does? I'd really like to know. And that's your excuse for why Vinnie Paz isn't considered one of the greats? Because he's a fat Italian muslim?

As for the Biggie comment, you were talking about him giving R.A. props like that solidifies that R.A. is more deserving than 3 Stacks or Face to be in a GOAT bracket, which is why I said who cares if Biggie gave him props, that doesn't have anything to do with his place in hip-hop when ranking him among greats.

Originally Posted by Tupac Shakur
We ain't even really rapping, we just letting our dead homies tell stories for us.
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