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Originally Posted by Notorious View Post
I said you weren't trashed for bringing up underground rappers. Once again, you were trashed because you said that three legends in the game were trash and weren't deserving to be in a GOAT Rapper tournament and then you said that a guy isn't even a rapper should've been in before them. And then you say shit like Vinnie Paz & R.A. the Rugged Man are more deserving to be in the tourney than Scarface, Black Thought & Andre 3000. You also contradicted yourself by saying you didn't have a problem with Immortal Technique being in the tourney because he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to say what he wants yet that can apply to all of the rappers you deemed were trash and didn't deserve to be on the list.

What classic album has Vinnie Paz been apart of? What classic songs does Vinnie Paz have? You don't have to be mainstream to be a respected rapper in the game with classic songs or albums.
Yes I was. Go read a few back and you're trashing me now for adding them in but you fail to see that. You dont want to be seen as someones who's trashing anothers opinion but its exactly what you're doing. Most guys if not 90% of "greatest of all time" will always be mainstream rappers that or if they're dead they'll shoot up to the list unfortunately.

Why should I name songs? You'll say they aren't good and we're back to the"my opinion means more than yours". I could name some gret tracks but why bother? Of all underground guys imo Vinnie should be talked about as one of the all time greats and I'm not afraid to say it,maybe top 30-50. He's versatile in what he raps about and says shit no one else does and is talented but no one wants to hear a fat Italian Muslim rapper regardless of content

EDIT- I forgot to add, you say you don't need to be mainstream to get respect, I mentioned biggie giving respect to R.A and you said"who cares?"

Point proven

Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
Oh, I loved your explanation because it was hilarious.

Completely ridiculous. Like I said to you when you pm'd me.....it's like namechecking the best 3 point shooters and including Shaq. Then later saying you just made a mistake and you know Shaq wasn't really a 3 point shooter and telling everyone to just let it go. WHAT???

There's a difference between making a mistake, and not knowing what you're talking about but pretending you do. Listing Eric B as a deserving rapper, is CLEARLY the latter one.
Thats ok don't worry about it

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