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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by A$AP View Post
I hate when people assume I just love all his music. I'm not even a big fan of All Eyes On Me or 7DT.

Everything before that was like the shit to me though. All of Me Against The World, Thug Life Volume 1, S4MN and it wasn't even just the music either. I looked up to the guy that did the hilarious interviews, had the crazy up beat personality, wasn't afraid of anything and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. The dude that wasn't afraid to make a song about women's rights in the most misogynistic time in Hip-Hop. The dude that made it cool to appreciate your mom and tell her you're grateful for everything and shit.

The dude that went to the Black Expo and made this speech.

The crazy, funny, energetic personality like here.

That was the Pac that I was the biggest fan of, the one that idolized as a kid. Fuck Deathrow. They fucking ruined this guy. They changed him to the point where you could have sworn they weren't the same person. That quote by Shock G just captures perfectly the difference between before and after Deathrow.
I would rep you for this if I could. You pointed out perfectly why he's still a role model for me today and it's a damn shame that a lot of people still see him as the trouble making thug that he DIDN'T want to be seen as and was trying to prove people otherwise.

In essence, that stupid fucking sexual assault charge is what ended up killing him because it sent him to prison where Suge would eventually bail him out in exchange for signing to Death Row and as it was mentioned THAT was what fed into a lot of Pac's changing thug mentality which likely got him killed.

Whoever that dumb broad is that lied and got Pac caught up in all that shit is a BITCH. Pac was a tortured soul and while we all miss him at least he's at peace. That man had been shot, wrongfully sent to prison, harassed, misrepresented and portrayed in the media, paranoid, lied to, had people gassing him up, etc. I couldn't imagine what he had been going through. I'd go crazy too.

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