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Default Re: Backstage News On Potential RR & WM 29 Plans

Originally Posted by Iormungand View Post
Can't see Cena vs Undertaker for the same reason I can't see Ryback vs Undertaker.

Face vs Face just won't work, though if anyone could credibly put the kibosh on Ryback's streak, it would be the undertaker. However as it stands, Ryback couldn't put on a great match yet, I'd propose waiting until two years with Ryback working longer house matches and tapes matches before pulling the trigger on that, but then again by then Ryback's streak will probably be done by then.
undertaker vs batista at 23 was face vs face same with with both matches with hbk at wm 25 26 and hhh at wm 27 28 so face vs face could work
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