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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Notorious View Post
Yes your an elitist hip hop fan. You fit the typical stereotype of them. They listen to the likes of Army of the Pharaohs/Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, MF Doom, R.A. the Rugged Man, etc. You overrate underground artists. You pretend to be this real hip-hop fan, as if you know the history of rap but yet you didn't even know Eric B. wasn't a rapper.

Actually Andre does have a solo album, the Love Below. And I clarified in my post that Black Thought doesn't have a solo album. Be that as it may, whether they're in a group or not, Andre 3000, Black Thought and Scarface all have more impressive work than Vinnie Paz or R.A. the Rugged Man. They've been apart of classic albums, classic songs, they're highly consistent, they're versatile. There's a reason why they're three of the most respected rappers in the game. Scarface is a pioneer for rap music. Vinnie Paz just doesn't compare.

You don't have to be mainstream to have a classic album. You can be underground and still be loved and still have a large fanbase. You will not find that many people who believe Vinnie Paz has classic material and it's not because he isn't mainstream, it's because he just isn't that good.

And the same thing you said about me, I could said about you. You've already formed your opinion about the likes of 3K, Scarface and Black Thought so what's the use in arguing?
Know whats funny?I've listened to the Hot boys,Outkast,Ludacris, etc you name it, well before I ever even heard of a Celph Titled. I never once said they should be on the list but you keep insisting that I said that when I didn't but thats ok. You formed your opinion on what I said long ago and made shit up to fit your own agenda which is cool. People like you do that all the time

The Love Below was a double album under Outkast . Therefore its not a solo album but a double album.

The criteria on why someone should be gets flipped flopped around by you guys with each post and its only because of what I said but thats alright. You bring up the point of classic albums but the albums that are deemed classics by you from Andre or Black Thought come from being in a group which I was trashed because I brought up Celph Titleds name and was mocked because he didn't have an extensive library of albums.

Pick a criteria and stick with it, don't change it to fit your argument.

I've heard enough over the years, listened to rappers who were alive that have passed(advantages of having an older brother) so I know my shit and I don't need to justify why I believe certain guys shouldn't be on there but some are on the list purely because there are popular/dead/peoples favorites on here rather than being truly great. Few people here have their favorites and voted to put them in on the list. There's more than enough names that were left on the list that would actually be a better list and thats not counting Underground rappers which I know you'll want to comment on
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