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Re: Why does Rock get a title shot? Jw

Originally Posted by The-Rock-Says View Post
Cena and Punk ARE having too many matches. In the past year and a half, they'd have gone at it 5 times (counting RAW's and PPV's) and will go at it for the 6th time at the next PPV. You keep you're 2 big stars a part as much as you can. It makes it more meaningful when they meet.
100% but WWE aren't creative anymore so making Punk vs Miz/Ziggler/Big Show etc without a great storyline isn't going to draw so instead you just chuck your two top guys and hope it draws on name alone. They gave Punk 2 feuds which had stories, Jericho (which was OK at best) and Daniel Bryan which was horseshit and lowered Punk IMO.

what I find weird is WWE are now targeting a whole new set of fans so the idea of ripping of concepts from 10-20 years ago should be fine with a new twist added. I mean you could atleast make us feel like Punk's title matches before he got to Cena were important but they never had that feeling.

I mean imagine Miz as a corporate heel with Ace and a heel stable, is it a rip off, yeah? so what if its entertaining. The Punk heel turn could have been incorporated into an actual feud with the pay off coming against Rock instead of it just feeling random like a double turn with him and Bryan.

They could do all these things to make these on paper smaller feuds feel really big and important so when you do Cena/Punk it feels massive instead of giving us shit and then saying "OK well filler season's over so we'll now give you Cena/Punk but even than this is filler season until the important people like Rock/Brock/Taker comeback"

The product basically feels like filler baring WrestleMania season.

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