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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DarthSimian View Post
History does not make it meaningful, especially when the form is dying. When nobody other than the two countries care about, it is about as meaningless as it can be. Maybe it was meaningful 130 years back when only two countries were playing cricket

A simple league IPL match gets the stadium over 80% full and an IPL final is sold completely ( in a 90,000 stadium). Heck, even a post IPL celebration got more than 50k crowd. While you need a marquee match on a holiday to fill up your test stands.

Heh, India vs Pakistan is the best rivalry in cricket today, among the meaningless bilateral ones. You are just frustrated that the status from 130 years was has been changed to the current subcontinent rivalry.

Again, I am talking about the world. Not a single region.
When you consider the world statistics, T20 crowd whoops the test crowd.

Are you seriously saying that Sri Lanka and New Zealand have more crowd for T20 than tests?
What a delusional post. Did you even see the recent SL vs Pak test series which were played in empty grounds? Even in South Africa you get more or less full stadium fro T20 events, making it similar to test there. Which means that it is only AUs and Eng where there are test crowd and are hardly majority as far as world cricket is concerned.

Hey look ! Look at the big sporting events in South Africa

I see World Cup. I see World T20. I see champions Trophy. I even see IPL ! Where is any mention of a test match?

Also, research some more. One of the highest crowd in South Africa was for the T20 match between India and SA - 47,000 - as much as the average crowd for FIFA World Cup in SA

Haha, test matches are held usually in large cities.
This was Kolkatta in the last test match played there

"Eden Gardens looks like a morgue, tweets Tony Greig"

Bangalore gets more crowd with $30 tickets for T20 than a test match with $2 tickets.

Next time, do better research than posting delusional assumptions in an argument
tests are not dying, stop deluding yourself. The crowd figures I've posted for the 2010/11 Ashes series, and subsequent figures of other touring parties supports this. However, you just dismiss it with your asinine logic.

clutching at straws are we? The Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane tests are nowhere near any holidays, and the Sydney test is post-New Year's. Boxing Day is the only day we play on a 'holiday' and the following days only lose around 10,000 supporters or so who pack the stands to watch the amazing game before them.

India vs Pakistan is not even close to being a major rivalry. England vs Australia is the most significant, most acclaimed rivalry in world cricket. Exchanging ODI and T20 tournaments between India and Pakistan will never amount to anything close to the England/Australia rivalry. But hey, it's not just our rivalry with England. Our rivalry with New Zealand is great. Our rivalry with South Africa is great. The England/South Africa rivalry is great.

New Zealand, definitely. Their test attendance rate is higher than their T20 and ODI's combined. Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, exactly. Nobody turns up to watch Pakistan. Sri Lanka had great attendance when Australia toured, and when England toured. I guess people just turn up to watch the quality teams

Your site is useless because it provides lists of tournaments held in the country. It doesn't list individual matches on it, so great failing there. Had it done so, then attendances at Super Rugby games would blow all figures out of the ball park.

They played the T20 in a football stadium, not a test venue such as Kingsmead. Had the Australia/South Africa test been played at Moses Mabhida Stadium, rather than Kingsmead, there would have been an even greater crowd attending the test. All South African test venues are close to a sell out for the first 3 days of play (that's an average of 22,000 fans per day). I am sure they would attract more fans if the capacity of the grounds were to be higher.

Again, nobody would bother to watch the West Indies tour these days. They don't have any resemblance to a quality test side and are easily rolled through. Heck, Bangladesh beat them in a series in the Windies. When quality opposition tour, then your argument can have merit. It does not. When England tour, you'll see games being attended.

T20 is scheduled in the evening, when the working class don't need to work. They aren't scheduled for a Monday morning. It's time you lifted the veil and woke up to the facts, Darth. Test cricket is the supreme format - it always has been, it always will be. Sure, some players are looking to take time off to make a hefty pay packet from the new format that's going to have its bubble burst soon enough. However, the core of the playing roster, and the majority of real cricket fans, understand and recognise that tests are the greater format and truly exhibit a cricketing contest.
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