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Re: This or That

Well, you should. GTA IV was an epic game. FYI, Ballad of Gay Tony was way better. Lost And Damned is great too, you're the Vice President of a biker gang who was leading the gang while the President was in rehab for Heroin addiction, then he comes back and you have to adjust to him being the leader again, but now he's completely crazy and off his rocker and is ruining the club. In Ballad of Gay Tony, you play the bodyguard for Gay Tony, a nightclub manager who's in debt to the mafia and screwing up his business. They're both awesome, but Ballad of Gay Tony is a lot funnier, the scenery is a lot more colorful, the dialogue and missions are better, and it ties up a major loose end from the original GTA IV, what happened to the Russian mob boss, Bulgarin, who was after Niko. In GTA IV he just disappears and you never find out what happened to him but you find out in this.

Anyway, I'm not a Nightwish fan, but of the songs I've heard I'll go with Annette. I did not like Tarja's voice at all. I can't REALLY compare them because I'm not a big fan, but that's my answer.

Who did you enjoy seeing beat up Heath Slater more, Vader or Sid?

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