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re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

Austin Aries (champion) vs. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy

Don't really care about this match at all. Build hasn't interested me, and I find Hardy to be a shitty wrestler and was one of the worst picks to win the BFG series imo. Want Aries to retain, but I'm expecting Hardy to win. After all, last year's BFG series winner didn't actually win the title at BFG, so I guess TNA wouldn't want to do the same thing 2 years in a row, would kinda kill the whole BFG series idea (even if Roode got the belt not too long after and had the big long reign, as he still didn't win it from winning the BFG series). If Aries plays the role of the heel and controls most of the match, it could be good, but I'm honestly not expecting anything with Hardy involved.

Aces & Eights vs. "The Icon" Sting & Bully Ray

Sting does nothing for me, and imo he's been past it ever since 1996. But this is a tag match so he won't have to do too much, and Bully is fucking awesome, and I'm guessing they'll pick some of the better guys in Aces & Eights to compete in the match. Should be fun, but I think the possibility of some kind of swerve is almost too predictable lol. Half expecting Sting to be the one to turn as Bully is way too obvious, but at the same time, Bully as leader would be great for him, and Sting being leader would make no sense. Unless one of them turns but isn't the leader. So as predictable as some kind of swerve MIGHT be, the outcome of said swerve isn't obvious at all atm imo, so I'm still looking forward to seeing everything unfold.

STREET FIGHT - Special Enforcer: King Mo
Bobby Roode vs. "Cowboy" James Storm

MOTN? Has potential to be. Hope they beat the shit out of each other and King Mo just stands around to make pinfalls or ask if someone wants to give up. Match doesn't need his involvement, so he should work it like Shamrock did at WM 13 with Bret vs Austin. Storm wins.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (champions) vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Not happy about Chavo and Hernandez being thrown into this. Chavo is my least favourite wrestler EVER. I'd call The Rock the GOAT before I called Chavo watchable. Not a fan of Angle, but in tag situations his move-fest style works so he's not the most awful thing about this. Kaz and Daniels are usually the most entertaining thing on Impact. So is this gonna work triple threat style with 3 guys in the ring at once, or just normal but either man in the ring can tag either their own partner or someone from the team not in the ring? Hoping Kaz and Daniels retain. Angle and AJ don't need the belts, Chavo and Hernandez don't deserve them.

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (champion)

Should be a really good match, just a shame they haven't really done anything to build to it for a few weeks. With only one show left before the PPV they have the chance to do something, but its like they started the feud a month ago, then ignored it for a few weeks and randomly made the match. Joe wins. Magnus attacks him afterwards. Feud continues. Nice series of matches between the two. Please .

Miss Tessmacher (champion) vs. Tara

Don't give a flying monkey fuck.

Al Snow vs Joey Ryan

Should be interesting. I like the Joey Ryan character. Al is a solid wrestler. Amazed that the feud as technically been going for so long yet they've managed to keep interactions to a minimum and not made the feud either boring or non existent. Nice job from whoever wrote/booked it. Joey should win and get his contract.
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