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Re: How come there is no bad ass faces?

desnt sheamus just spend all his time kicking people in the head?

and orton really has been isolated for a while. He enjoys kicking people, RKOing anyone, flipping off the crowd. Doesnt give a shit, at all

i mean, i dont understand, what do you mean by attacking heels for no reason? because id argue Austin had plenty of good reasons to attack Vince back in the day. infact id argue Austin was pretty cookie cutter. Very little of the stuff he did could be seen as heelish. Hed bail out faces (mick foley), hed beat the shit out of vince (the guy hurting him and the wwf audience), hed attack vince's goons because theyre trying to screw him. He rarely attacked faces, he rarely attacked anyone who didnt deserve it. Even his feud with bret was over how Bret was becoming a crybaby.

I mean the only guys I'd argue who really were anti heroes were Rock and Taker. Rock near the end of his 98 run where he was still insulting the audience, being a dick, trying to kill Foley and Austin, but somehow got cheered. And Taker in his 2008 run could fight his way through an army of refs, tombstone women, and generally fuck up anyone he wanted in an act of rage and still get cheered.

What do you mean by badass face? Because I think the term you're really looking for is warm nostalgia from when you used to watch wrestling when you were younger. They may not have much character but Sheamus, Ryback and Orton are the children of Austin, Goldberg and Triple H.

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