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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

Originally Posted by New Blood View Post
Negro Casas/El Dandy/Hector Garza vs. El Hijo del Santo/Scorpio Jr./Bestia Salvaje [CMLL 11/29/96]
Coming a week after Santito's shocking heel turn, comes this amazing and bloody brawl. This has to be seen to be believed. How this wasn't on DVDVR's Top 20 Lucha matches of the 90s yet a ton of AAA matches were is beyond me.
The grudge match coming off Santito's unthinkable rudo turn the previous week, and the tecnicos are out for his blood. This is the Brawl With It All - ungodly heat (when Santo hits the ring and mockingly blows kisses to the crowd, even the piss-poor Televisa audio mix can't hide the fact that these folks would like nothing better than to see his ass on a platter), insane violence (Santo rips a set of ringside chairs off its moorings so he can level a bloodied Dandy with them) and perhaps the ultimate death-for-your-pleasure highspot (Garza tries a Shooting Star Press to the floor and accidentally invents the German Air Show Senton in the process). Dr. Morales marks out about a half-dozen times, the crowd is at a froth the whole time, Bestia is in tears at the end and Negro LAUGHS IN HIS FACE like a maniac. Unbelievably intense and dramatic. American bookers should be strapped in their chairs and forced to watch this Clockwork Orange-style to see how to book revenge matches."

This sets up the classic El Hijo del Santo vs. Negro Casas vs. El Dandy the next month and then the mask vs. hair match a year later between Santo and Casas.
God damn, this match has been removed. I really want to rewatch this one, I remember it being one of my favorite trio matches. Anyone got it?
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