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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Ric Flair vs Terry Funk ~ Great American Bash 1989

I think i'm the only wrestling fan who might prefer Flair vs Funk from GAB '89 over their I Quit match from Clash in the same year. There is something about that match igniting the feud that I thought was stronger than when it finished. Flair returns from Funk's assault at WrestleWar so he's boiling. Funk is downright insane so there is the ingredients for a hot and wild World Championship match right there. I mean, man, all of it is done perfectly. Ahhh I love it. You know it rules right from the very start. Funk exits the ring trying to stall and jaw with fans. Flair removes the robe and blasts Funk to get it going. That's unlike Flair. This one was different than what Ric had done in his program with Steamboat. That was based purely on wrestling only. This one was based on revenge and brawling. That transition for Flair was unbelievable. Especially when he not only excelled in this feud, but got it to be AS good in quality as his phenomenal wreslting matches. Funk was semi-retired and announcing right prior to this feud. He jumps into a major program and shows why he is SO DAMN GOOD by being one of the best antagonists here. So crazy. So unpredictable. You weren't sure what he'd do to defeat Flair. He took him out once and he probably could do it again. Add in the trusty branding iron and then the match takes a new turn into very bloody territory. Which only ups the match to a different level of wow. Then the aftermath of it, oh my science, YES. As soon as Flair catches Funk in the small package counter, Muta hits the ring and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Even the immediate aftermath was fantastic. Early sign of the Flair/Sting team and subsequently the Four Horsemen entry/big 1990 program.

Don't know if anyone else would rank this one at the full 5 stars like myself, but it's always been one I thought that hit that level. Personal favorite if there ever was one. My second favorite NWA/WCW Flair match from 1989 behind the obvious, and top of the 5 star wrestling list, two out of three falls match vs Steamboat. I'm sure most have...but watch this if you haven't. Or if it has been awhile, then give it another go. On Flair's Definitive DVD so it's available to own. On youtube as well. WATCH~!

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