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Originally Posted by Combat Analyst View Post
Hit Em Up wasn't overrated, The emotion in that song is what made it so great "Die slow, Die slow mothafucka, my 44 will make sure all y'all children don't grow." That gets realer then some of the stuff in Ether, Don't get me wrong, songs like Ether were great but Hit Em Up was an authentic, true diss track. If you just got shot and you were angry at people who you suspected did it, you're not going to sit there doing some clever lyricism to attack them.

but basically if you wanna narrow the points 2Pac had with hit em up, basically it's this :

- I fucked you wife lololol
- bunch of random threats , and a couple of "Fuck Yous"

gotta say , when it comes to the West/East feud , the disses weren't top notch, bunch of subliminal shots and death threat, the fued wasn't great when it comes to the hip hop scene, however it was big because it was so heated and personal

IMO the best diss of all time is either Real MF'n Gs or Cube's No Vaseline, i'm tending more towards Eazy's diss because it's considered rape in some countries, Eazy's fist verse and Dresta's were two bullets to Dre's credibility

even tho It's not a question that 2pac, Nas, and Cube are MUCH better rappers than Eazy
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