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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
Well, I'm pretty sure Pac never got arrested until he was in his 20's and on TV and known, so there's that.

I don't know why you're equating growing up in poverty with being a gangsta. I'm quite sure Pac came from poverty, had a lot of tough times, etc.....what's that gotta do with being a gangsta? He WASN'T in no fucking gangs. He was a smart dude with heart and passion going to performance arts school and shit. Not a gangsta.....and that's a good thing. He shoulda stayed that route.

I don't applaud his bullshit he was pulling at Death Row, and messing with Suge, and messing with Haitain jack and all that shit. He didn't have any business messing with all them in the first place. That's why he's dead, and he was quite ignorant many times in that portion of his life and it was a mistake going that route. Many who knew Pac before his crazy period have expressed the same thing. That's not ignorant to point that out.

Sad, because if he would've made it through that and maybe grew up, he had a lot of great qualities.
The majority of the subject matter in his songs was about being in poverty. I wasn't equating that to being a gangster, I was equating it to his claim of him being a wannabe. The other 25% of his songs were about a lavish lifestyle, being a killer or drug dealing which was also the subject matter of any other rapper in the 90's.

Watch Resurrection or Thug Angel, he was arrested and beaten for jaywalking at the age of 16, sued the Police Department and got $250k from the lawsuit when he was 21. Since the amount of times someone's arrested before they're 20 apparently makes them more hardcore, what other rapper has shot a cop? Who?

No Pac fan liked what Pac was doing when he was hot headed. Haitian Jack was supposed to not only be one of the most dangerous people in New York but a guy that got offended if you looked at him wrong. And Pac went and dissed him in a song and called him a snitch. Do I think that's badass or something? No, it was stupid. But he was only a 2 year difference from what I am now. People like to forget how young the guy was. He was still immature.

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