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Re: A Cena free Raw was beautiful

I know on a wrestling forum of all places is the last place to being saying this and especially coming from me, but Jesus Christ how pathetic are some of ya'll lives? Seriously? Who sits and contemplates whether Cena was on RAW or not and then examines the quality of the show without him.

I can't be the only one who didn't even realize he wasn't on RAW? I didn't even notice the guy was missing. My opinion on RAW last week was that it was average. So in my opinion, I guess, RAW sucked without Cena cause I enjoyed last week's episode and found it above average. Then there were some episodes I found great where he was a part of.

Shit, how do you guys even notice when a guy's missing? It took me like 2 months to realize Big Show was missing. Likewise, The Miz when he was shooting his movie. Damn, do some of you go to sleep and wake up with Cena on your minds?

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