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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
Whats with everyone getting a hard on becuase I said Eric B? Move on kiddies

I don't think he's lyrically strong imo. I don't find him entertaining or talented. I don't think his lyricism to be that advanced.Granted, I haevn't heard songs from him in a while I'll admit that and I'm not a fan but I'd be more than happy to listen to what you deem to be his best tracks lyrically.But you're going on about how awesome scarface is but you wont acknowledge guys like R.A. The Rugged man Or a Celph Titled when it comes to lyrical abilities. Infact no one did except for"R.A. had 1 memorable song". I dont think you said that but skill shouldn't be judged solely on if a song has meaning because there are a lot of guys on this list that didn't make many meaningful songs.But Like I said, I wasn't thinking and threw Eric B's name in, it was a big mistake. I know who and what Eric B did . I was talking about old school hiphop and his name popped in and said it. I fucked up is that really hard to understand?How many times do I need to say I messed up? The rest of the arguments don't need to go on any more about it or this guy didn't rap but he did. Dre rapped sure but its not the same. If you're not writing your own lyrics it holds no weight. Thats what rapping is, writing your OWN lyrics.
The reason the Eric B thing keeps following you is because it was a fucking stupid mistake to make!

As for Scarface's best songs. There are so many, I don't know where to start. Mind Playing Tricks on Me, I Seen a Man Die, Last of a Dying Breed, On My Block, Scarface (song), A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die, G-Code, Now I Feel Ya, The Wall, Gotta Let Your Nuts Hang, Seek & Destroy, Money and the Power, No Tears, Smile, Hand of the Dead Body, Someday, What Can I Do?, In Cold Blood, In My Time, It Ain't Shit, Born Killer and that's not even all. But from this selection, you'll get an idea of how great he is. It has it all, storytelling, deep genuine emotions, meaningful, anger, politics, anything you want...

As for Celph Titled, RA and whoever else, I don't care how many punchlines or multi-syllables they can spit out if they have zero personality and are just boring to listen to. Besides, how much material do they have? One or two albums, that's it, right? And please, don't bring up Andre 3000 here because I'm not talking about him.

And lastly, Dre rapped but didn't write his lyrics, Eric B never rapped. Keyword is RAPPING. Eric B never did it yet you kept on saying that he deserves to be on the list and keep whining about Dre never writing his lyrics and I and plenty others have already agreed that he shouldn't be on the list. But again... he has at least RAPPED, Eric B has never done that which rules him out automatically. Sorry, you can keep saying "I MADE A MISTAKE!" but this was so stupid that it killed any credibility your opinion had.
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