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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Nice try, except Scarface has been around since late 80s and his best music is from 89-94 and 00-02. And I can probably think of only 5 people who deserve a top 10 spot as much as Scarface. I'm serious. He's a pioneer and influenced so many rappers, I don't know where to start. Not to mention, he makes great fucking music and is one of the most creative storytellers. And you mentioned Eric B for what? Again, he's NOT a rapper. You talk about Dr. Dre and Kanye not being worthy of the list (which I agree with) but at least they have RAPPED. Eric B's role in the albums with Rakim was simply scratching the disc and nodding his head in the background during their videos. That's it! Hell, the only time I've heard Eric B's voice was in "Paid in Full" during that conversation with Rakim. You might as well start putting DJ Premier on there even though he's never rapped but is the greatest producer in hip-hop next to Dre.

As for Andre 3000, he's an amazing rapper who has had so many dope verses. Run DMC only worked as a group and when they went solo, the results were underwhelming because they have unreal chemistry with each other, something that's missing from their solo stuff. I wouldn't put 3 Stacks in a top 20 but I can understand why others would.

And you have still not explained why Scarface is trash and "not deserving". All you've said is "he's simply not deserving" and that we love him because he was on TV (all I know is that he had a small appearance in Idiocracy, so much for "being on TV").
Whats with everyone getting a hard on becuase I said Eric B? Move on kiddies

I don't think he's lyrically strong imo. I don't find him entertaining or talented. I don't think his lyricism to be that advanced.Granted, I haevn't heard songs from him in a while I'll admit that and I'm not a fan but I'd be more than happy to listen to what you deem to be his best tracks lyrically.But you're going on about how awesome scarface is but you wont acknowledge guys like R.A. The Rugged man Or a Celph Titled when it comes to lyrical abilities. Infact no one did except for"R.A. had 1 memorable song". I dont think you said that but skill shouldn't be judged solely on if a song has meaning because there are a lot of guys on this list that didn't make many meaningful songs.But Like I said, I wasn't thinking and threw Eric B's name in, it was a big mistake. I know who and what Eric B did . I was talking about old school hiphop and his name popped in and said it. I fucked up is that really hard to understand?How many times do I need to say I messed up? The rest of the arguments don't need to go on any more about it or this guy didn't rap but he did. Dre rapped sure but its not the same. If you're not writing your own lyrics it holds no weight. Thats what rapping is, writing your OWN lyrics.

Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post

That's the point! You named a guy who didn't even rap!

He put out ONE album in like '95 that was GOD AWFUL and was/is so obscure that barely anyone even knows about it.

YOU NAMED SOMEBODY WHO BASICALLY WAS NOT A RAPPER!! YOU NAMED SOMEBODY WHO YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD RAP!! And you're still going on about "what he did on those Eric B and Rakim albums......he didn't do anything in terms of rapping! Sit down man!

You obviously were just trying to be cool because you've read about Eric B and Rakim, but clearly didn't listen to them and know nothing about them. You got busted. And you're STILL arguing it. LOLOLOL! Just take your L and be quiet.
Take it easy on teh caps

Not going on about this anymore. I already said what I said.Why are you so butt hurt about this? I made a mistake, and I owned up to it. I still know a lot about hiphop but ya I don't know because I don't kiss dead peoples asses, or people who heavily use autotune or ones who don't even write their own lyrics.

Like I said before, why are you ignoring anything else I said apart from Eric B? You know you can't . You just want to keep focus on one thing to cover up your short comings.

Originally Posted by 777 View Post
Ugh, seriously, read back what you've written.

Knowing you made the mistake you insisted that he still deserves credit for his work with Rakim. That's what you said. Credit for what? The rapping that he never did?

Harping on the written lyrics issue isn't sufficient either. Plenty of talented musicians/performers don't write their own shit. Not hard really.

I could think of plenty of instances where I've demonstrated a propensity for retardation, this however is not one of them.
No , you read what I wrote. I said I made a mistake. Whats so hard about that? Yet you continue why?I didn't continue to try to defend why I put in Eric B, i stopped you don't seem to get that. Quite frankly no one wants to even acknowledge that I admitted to my mistake. Oh well

You guys are trying so hard. Its kinda funny. I make a mistake yet thats all people can talk about. I made 10 points but only 1 is ever talked about lol Thats fine but if you're telling me I don't know hiphop then explain why the names I put that are undeground guys aren't talented. And no saying"they aren't mainstream" or "dont make millions" don't count either. No one will or will half ass it but thats fine.

My point stands, guys like Kool G Rap,Slick Rick,Guru...all missing but I still get called ignorant
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