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Re: WWE willl never get edgy again

Originally Posted by Mister Hands View Post
Triple H was just a guy doing his job. There was no reason for the audience to hate this guy they'd come to love over, what, 15 years? Here's this legend who's done nothing wrong, and Punk's being a jerk to him because... because... Because? Whereas Mr. McMahon was just a cunt. Of course we loved Austin - he was mercilessly attacking a cunt. Heroes are usually defined by their enemies, and in Punk's case, they couldn't have got it more wrong. In Austin's case, they couldn't have got it more right.

(They actually had a sliver of something when Punk and Ace were going at it around the Rumble (bitter old 2nd-rate wrestler now in a position of power makes life a misery for modern-day superstar) but they ended up sacrificing Ziggler to that, and then abandoning it in favour of putting Cena in there instead. Which is basically the perfect microcosm of WWE's messed up direction these days - if something big has gotta happen, Cena's gotta do it, even if it makes no sense. To the point of Sandow having to stop wearing pink trunks.)
I definetily agree with you that in some regards they sacrificed Punk's push so they could continue with Triple H Taker at Mania. Triple H had no intentions of being Punk's Vince. Not that you can recreate Austin v Vince because you can't.

I definetily agree with you about the enemies line and that's exactly why I'm not a huge fan of Punk's long title reign. This was the perfect opportunity to build an adversary to Punk and later on Cena but they got nothing from it. They've barely pushed Punk along and created no one else in the process. You look back at the Attitude era and you have Rock Manking having an amazing feud meanwhile Austin and Vince/ Taker are occupying the Main Event.
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