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Re: WWE willl never get edgy again

I've never been, and never will be, a fan of setting fire to random objects around the ring and then tossing someone onto it, idiots jumping from great heights because it's the only attention-getting 'talent' they possess, degrading sexual content, stupidly dangerous moves and folks just generally acting er, ...edgy (though that's not really the term that comes to my mind) for no purpose. When I think of the current WWE, these are not the elements I feel it's lacking.

I think that my problems are partly based in a difference of opinion between what my idea of PG is and what the creative minds at WWE consider to fall under that designation. While I wouldn't have taken a child to an AE show, I have no problems with them being exposed to something a bit more mature than what Raw includes these days. Then there's my own selfish desire to be entertained by a product that has fewer restrictions so that nobody is going to complain about the odd slip into more mature territory.

I rather resent the way women and children are constantly mentioned as the new target audience at fault. First off, not all women consider pro wrestling childrens entertainment and, secondly, as I just said, not all women judge what's suitable for kids the same way. I'd happily take children to an entertaining show where there happens to be mild sexual content, for example, over a poorly planned, sanitized production that seems hellbent on 'improving' me, and them, by addressing important topics like, oh, I don't know, bullying maybe? I dislike lectures mixed into my entertainment. I'm not clueless or uneducated or disinterested in the plight of others but I don't look to wrestling shows for social betterment. Now, I have no problem with WWE and its employees taking part in community programs – in fact, that's a good thing and to be encouraged - but when those activities are integrated too far into a show like Raw it lessens both, I find.

Thing is, I don't care all that much what WWE does from here on out. I would like to see changes toward something I'd enjoy watching more, but it's not like there aren't alternatives. I guess I'm just sad that the largest, most visible pro wrestling company worldwide is not at a creative peak, to be generous. But the biggest problems they're having are not necessarily rooted in PG-ness and so aren't really the topic of this thread.
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