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Re: WWE willl never get edgy again

Originally Posted by new_year_new_start View Post
The Attitude Era killed wrestling. It's so over-rated it's ridiculous. The AE fan boys (I'd argue a lot of them on the internet were barely born during the AE and are just 14 year olds who know it's cool to like Austin and Rock) look back with a nostalgic bubble, failing to remember that the WRESTLING MATCHES were for the most part AWFUL. Go back to the WWF in 1998/1999 and look at the actual WRESTLING that went on and for the most part it was terrible. They also had so many stupid gimmicks and angles that were edgy for the sake of being edgy. A lot of people look back and list the TLC matches as being amazing 5* matches. They were all glorified spot fests. They weren't believable at all, 80 percent of the time the guys in them were going for stupid ladder spots when they could have been grabbing the title belts - everyone loved it because they were basically watching a live version of Jackass.
Well, you make a good point. I had the WWE Classics on Demand for a while, so I thought I'd revisit the beloved AE. All of those 1998 episodes of Raw bored the living shit out of me. The matches are terrible. I have to fast forward through them to get to anything remotely good or entertaining. Sure there is Rock and Austin, and they have their moments, but most of the time they're just doing the same song and dance. Same drama with McMahon. Same catchphrases. Same cussing. Same repetition just like today with Cena. Of course, not THAT boring and stale though. Outside of those two and whatever DX or Undertaker is doing, the rest of the show is as filler and crappy as most of what happens in today's Raw episodes.

I do agree that the Attitude Era is somewhat overrated. I'm no hater of that era, but I don't think it's so far superior to every other time period in the WWE. People act like unless the WWE goes back to the AE, it will never be good. Today's WWE puts on the much better matches. It's just the lack of anything interesting happening between the characters. That is where the weakness lies. The WWE doesn't have to create a new AE. No, they need to create something better. It doesn't have to be raunchy and edgy to be compelling.

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