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Re: WWE willl never get edgy again

Originally Posted by Mister Hands View Post
You could be right (as that Punk/Austin/JR video pointed out, we'll never know), but I feel that Punk's blowing a kiss to Vince was as brilliant and anti-authoritarian as any middle finger Austin ever threw. They just neutered that aspect of Punk, instead of letting it drive a saga like Austin/McMahon, and instead of giving him a Mr. McMahon, they gave him... Nash? Trips? Nash texting Nash? Del Rio?

See, I think there's a truth in saying WWE won't be edgy in terms of T&A and hardcore matches and whatnot anytime soon. But edginess comes in many forms. WWE just doesn't have as clear a vision as it did back then. Probably because your eyesight fades as you near the big seven-oh.
Here's the problem though. You're talking about 1 night. They tried to continue with the anti authority stuff with Punk and Triple H and it just came off as someone whining about a push. You have to have meat on the bones in regards to style. Substance he was definetily there, but style requires attitude and that's where he'd be significantly hampered by a PG product.

What exactly was Punk's anti authoritarian message? Was it we want ice cream bars because that's about the only thing I can remember outside of him wanting to be the top guy or anti Cena stuff.

I do agree they blew the angle though. I understand why they brought him back so quickly but they should have tried to have this angle peaking at Mania in effect rivalring Rock Cena. Timing is everything.

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