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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
Ya Scarface has been on tv, mid-late 90's guy people love. I don't think he deserves on the list, simple as that. There's more deserving. I mentioned Eric B, for the simple reason as what he and Rakim did for hiphop. I think he deserves some credit. Now I don't think he's the greatest, I put him the list simply because as far as old school guys he should get some credit. Thats all, I never was implying he should be ON this list, just that he's MORE deserving than a guy like Kanye. You mention groups why is Andre 3000 on it then? He has no solo albums.

Mentioning 1 name should never shutdown what someone says thats horrible logic considering missing the point completely. People miss my point entirely. They saw that I trashed the list and just want me to say"these guys are the only greatest of all times" when I never once said that.
Nice try, except Scarface has been around since late 80s and his best music is from 89-94 and 00-02. And I can probably think of only 5 people who deserve a top 10 spot as much as Scarface. I'm serious. He's a pioneer and influenced so many rappers, I don't know where to start. Not to mention, he makes great fucking music and is one of the most creative storytellers. And you mentioned Eric B for what? Again, he's NOT a rapper. You talk about Dr. Dre and Kanye not being worthy of the list (which I agree with) but at least they have RAPPED. Eric B's role in the albums with Rakim was simply scratching the disc and nodding his head in the background during their videos. That's it! Hell, the only time I've heard Eric B's voice was in "Paid in Full" during that conversation with Rakim. You might as well start putting DJ Premier on there even though he's never rapped but is the greatest producer in hip-hop next to Dre.

As for Andre 3000, he's an amazing rapper who has had so many dope verses. Run DMC only worked as a group and when they went solo, the results were underwhelming because they have unreal chemistry with each other, something that's missing from their solo stuff. I wouldn't put 3 Stacks in a top 20 but I can understand why others would.

And you have still not explained why Scarface is trash and "not deserving". All you've said is "he's simply not deserving" and that we love him because he was on TV (all I know is that he had a small appearance in Idiocracy, so much for "being on TV").
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