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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I agree with Cal tbh, the Miz comment can definitely read as un-needed in the grand scheme of the interview, but it served to emphasise Punk's disapproval with the company's philosophy with regards to top stars and his argument that no-one having a justifiable explanation for why Miz had usurped him felt like a strong reasoning for accentuating his impending 'pipebomb' promo and whole contract saga. I mean for a 'personal documentary' he could have really torn into Miz and gone about how much of an injustice he felt it was, but it served as a nice way to emphasise his belief he earned the top spot (especially as they focused on the formation and collapse of the SES prior to it) whilst acknowlodging Punk's well documented frustration at that point in time.

Found the Mercury story especially touching. I'd heard about Mercury's personal troubles but never would have expected Punk to have gone as far as he did in helping him try and get back on his feet. Not that I doubt Punk wouldn't go the extra mile for his friends, its just that personal sacrifice he made is exceptionally extraordinary under any circumstances.
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