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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
Whats funny is that all you could get out of what I said was Eric B. Why only look at Eric B? You missed my point entirely. I never said Eric B is the greatest did I? I said he'd be more deserving than some of the names on this list. If you only read names(which clearly you did) you waited for something you disagree with but ignored what I said completely. Again, I'm not saying the list of guys I named are the greatest they deserve to be on the list OVER the guys I named before. Seriously why is that so hard to understand?

Why should number of albums matter when judging skill? That makes no sense. If talent is there, its there. Oh sorry I spelled "Big Boi's" name wrong. If honestly thats the reason why you "know more" than I do, then thats just pathetic.If thats the only thing you can come up with to put down what I said, its hilarious. You're tryign to tell me I don't know hiphop because I put a Y instead of an I . Like I said, they ain't shit. As for Eric B you missed my point entirely. So , guys who are lyrically talented than most of the list don't deserve because they haven't been rapping since 1990? Thats a head scratcher if ever there was once. Kanye is on this list yet the guys I named been doing it longer than he has. I gave reasons why they deserve MORE. You are missing my point entirely because you read what you WANT to read instead of what was written.

Scarface has had a music video, which clearly equals to him being greatest of all time according to some . He made a song with pac he must be good! No no he's not. If you think Celph Titled isn't good lyrically than you know NOTHING. His word play, metaphors , flow destroys most guys out there. R.A. started most guys styles in the mainstream, the dude created a lot of people and has done tracks with some of the all time greats, some that aren't even on this list but of course you ignore it because I schooled you. You're only fixated on one name. Classic , when you can't argue properly just stay on one name and ignore the rest. What fantasy land you live in

Again, you miss my point entirely. In terms of waht he did along Rakim years ago, as far as old school guys he'd be more deserving. I never said he's the greatest of all tiem nor would he, I said more deserving. Why is that hard to understand? But hey I'm sorry I don't think Kanye is one of the greatest of all time LOL

That's the point! You named a guy who didn't even rap!

He put out ONE album in like '95 that was GOD AWFUL and was/is so obscure that barely anyone even knows about it.

YOU NAMED SOMEBODY WHO BASICALLY WAS NOT A RAPPER!! YOU NAMED SOMEBODY WHO YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD RAP!! And you're still going on about "what he did on those Eric B and Rakim albums......he didn't do anything in terms of rapping! Sit down man!

You obviously were just trying to be cool because you've read about Eric B and Rakim, but clearly didn't listen to them and know nothing about them. You got busted. And you're STILL arguing it. LOLOLOL! Just take your L and be quiet.
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