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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
So much iorny on this post. You say scum weren't given fake roles yet at the same you ask why would you fake a permanent role blocker? Oh I don't know. Maybe because you're scum and weren't given a fake role.

You also say that scum weren't given fake roles yet I claimed VT on day 1. That's a pretty risk thing to do since all I had to do was get caught visiting anyone during the whole game and I would have been lynched. I also had no way of knowing that I wouldn't get counter claimed if your statement on scum not getting fake roles was true.

The logic applied in your post is better applied to showing that I'm town and you're scum.
you never wanted to give flavor or character for the most of the game. It's coming back to bite you in the ass now. This is why you refused to claim and only gave us little bits. You claimed VT, there were other people who had no roles as well; but since you never claimed character or flavor you took no risk. and Scum were given either fake roles or characters. I'm guessing half and half. explaining why Big Man's role is obviously fake, and your (fitz) role and now (I can barely find anything on your person on wiki) character is fake.

and there a lot of times multiple VT in mafia games. you risked nothing not claiming character.
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