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Re: Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread

Now yesterday I said Steve Grey vs Clive Myers 1977 (aka what many consider the GOAT WOS match) would be the next match I posted and reviewed. However it occurred to me its been 4 months or so since I last watched it and I'd rather rewatch it and add fresh thoughts instead of going off on memory, because its an outstanding match. I'll hopefully get around to watching it tonight so in the meantime here's a prelude to Steve Grey:

Steve Grey vs Ken Joyce, (08/09/1975)

Terrific pure grappling contest with some sensational counters, takedowns and submissions mixed in with some light hearted comedy. These two are both amazing grapplers and really work a smart and even contest that resembled a Lucha title bout with how they shifted momentum every now and then and established both men as capable of besting the other. Grey's escape of a headscissors spot at 14.40 has to be seen to be believed, so graceful and smootly executed and the crowd reaction was a nice touch. He also locks in an insane indian deathlock/over the head leg submission that looked incredible and something you expect out of Negro Navarro.

They also run some fun comedy moments particularly Grey's attempts to fool Joyce by tieing himself into a ball and feeding the arm to counter it but Joyce being wise to his opponent and in most cases playing basketball with Grey helpless and even picking him up clean off the mat and bouncing him off the floor which looked hideous. Joyce later attempts to trip Grey who casually sidesteps him and boots him in the arse for good measure! They also threw some nice headbutts during exchanges and did a terrific job in not only pacing the match smartly between comedy and serious grappling but also mixing flawless exchanges with gritty and painful looking holds that looked like a struggle to lock on.

Very fun match for any Lucha fans or people looking for intense grappling with killer submissions and flawless matwork with some nice strikes thrown in for good measure.
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