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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
No you clearly missed "I may have made a mistake adding his name in but I was throwing out any name off the top of my head and Eric B and Rakim came to mind so I threw his name in. Fair but the rest of my points stand strong that no ones actually been able to argue otherwise"

Like I said, I made a mistake . One I don't even know how I made. At least I acknowledged it

You're harping on me saying"what lyrics lawlz!" yet Dr.Dre never made his own lyrics. Sound like you got owned and are back tracking because you thought you got the upper hand. You failed sorry

Yes I did shit on this thread because most of those names are absurd to be on the list. I made 1 mistake but the rest no one can argue against. Some tried but missed the point entirely because people like you wanted me to say"oh you're all wrong stupid and dont know shit I'm better than all of you and I'm smarter" but I hate to break it to ya, I never did.
Dude, you keep insisting that he's more deserving even though he never rapped, hence my snotnosed remark about Eric B lyrics, because there aren't any.
Most of those names are absurd to you, nobody else was kicking up that much of a stink, we all had our chances to say our piece. Shit, if it were up to me Del would have won the whole tourney. And yes your attitude definitely has an aroma of 'I know more than you do'.

I love professional-wrestling.
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