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Re: A Cena free Raw was beautiful

Originally Posted by ThePeoplezStunner3 View Post
He or she is not trolling there just a dumbass
No, it's a troll. Why do you think the "Kelly Kelly Leaving" thread has so many pages? It's because K2Fan knows how to bait.

This is pretty much Kelly Kelly Fan on a daily basis in said thread:
-Posts some new article about what Kelly Kelly is up to and cheers her on.
-Defends Kelly Kelly with the same song and dance about how talented she is when someone says how much of a slut or shit wrestler she is.
-Claims not to be a troll when people call her out.
(thread gains 20 more pages of the same Kelly Kelly hate)
-Kelly Kelly pops up out of nowhere with a "Hey check out this new article. Go Kelly Kelly!"
-Process repeats as thread gains 20 more pages.

It's very formulaic and it's the same with this thread. I'm guilty of taking her bait just to put up a pointless argument against her, but to say she isn't a troll is ludicrous. If the admin really wanted to she'd be banned by now, but K2Fan knows how to work the system with what she posts and keep herself safe. Hell, the mods even gave her her own rep status of "Kelly Kelly Fan".

Now with that aside I'll bite. Pretty much like others have said it wouldn't have mattered much if Cena WAS there. Last Monday's Raw was terrible. /thread

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