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Re: Officials Very High on Cesaro and See Money in him

Hopefully they are high enough to creatively give him something to help solidify some depth in character, or even a steady character for that matter. Since he is a champion you have a solid foundation right there. What does he do differently, or what can be thought of for him to start doing that no one else really does as a champion? What will separate him from the rest of the pack? This is what he needs right now. He isn't the only one either.

Try something simple like having Cesaro walk around backstage asking other wrestlers what they are going to try, and do in order to take this title off of him. I know it sounds weird, but Cesaro has a right to know who is actually competing for the United States title. Have Cesaro say that he is champion that has a particular set of rules to coincide with his title reign. Cesaro says he shakes the hand of every person he faces in the ring out of respect, and honor. Those who don't shake his hand will never receive a title shot again as long as he is champion. This put him in a position to get in cheap shots at the end, or beginning of a match, and I also think it's a bit humorous.

Have Cesaro scout random matches, and just show up doing "some" commentary. This gives the title some exposure as well, and the title is something he should talk about. The same way that CM Punk talks up the WWE title, I feel Cesaro should do the same. It's rare that anyone outside of Cody Rhodes ever puts a title over, or even cares about who they defend it against. Have Cesaro watch Sheamus in a match, or even CM Punk. Have him come down during The Miz's matches. Notice those people are heel, and face stars. Antonio says that as a champion he is part of being the best, and he wants to see the others (other title holders). He wants to see what it takes to beat a CM Punk, or Sheamus.

Obviously you don't want him defending the title each week, but preserving it's prestige is what he should be doing. He should be starting competition amongst the others, and amongst themselves. Right now he is a heel, and stirring up trouble with his United States title as the bait makes sense. Becoming United States Champion Cesaro could make the claim that the American Economy has shown gradual increases in growth, he says more people want to work harder, so they can afford to have cable, so that they can watch him on their televisions. Antonio says that he will defend his title every other month, and allow one fortunate man to grace the very ring that he stands victorious in. He says that the month he is not defending will be the time in which a new challenger is discovered.
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