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Re: What would your reaction be if TNA turned PG?

Originally Posted by nevereveragainu View Post
maybe back in the early ninties but this is 2012, you can sue anybody for anything nowadays

this is what Maffew would say

or maybe its time to be aware that MONOPOLYS ARE ALWAYS BAD!! Didja ever think of that?

besides TNA do or at least did have the power to spark something, they just aren't as vicious as Vince and won't do it

i want clean too, just one thats more like a professional sport

Kids want to stay clean and not be edgy? WHAT TIME PERIOD ARE YOU FROM?!
WWE has a monopoly over the wrestling business. Whether it's good or bad, it's a fact.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be edgy. There definitely needs to be an edge, but the adult themes need to be repressed. Kids don't watch wrestling anymore expecting to see women in bra and panties matches or wrestlers throwing each other through tables and blading themselves or saying "I'm gonna kick your a**, you son of a b***h!". That's what kids in the 90's and early 00's used to love. Those "kids" are grown up now and a lot of them have moved on. Trying to relive that era is not necessarily the way to bring those fans back, and even if they try, they won't be very successful at it because they are a lot smaller and a lot less relevant than WWE is.
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