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Re: Fourteen year old strangles new born

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
which is basically saying, "dont judge her on this murder, if you haven't been in this situation then you can't judge" which is utterly ridiculous. Do you judge Hitler? Pol Pot? various African dictators who got their power via a coup? various massacres like Columbine, Norway, or Aurora? Now OBVIOUSLY these are very much extreme examples and before you point it out, murdering this baby isn't anything close to Hitler et al. However, going by your flawed logic, we weren't in the same situation as them, so we can't judge them for their atrocities.
First of all, not judging =/= condoning.

As for the rest of your post all the atrocities mentioned don't come to mind as a 'spur of the moment' type of action, they were committed over time and were planned whereas the case with this girl doesn't seem like that at all, I doubt she planned to do this at all, it's just one thing on top of another that has resulted in a desperate action, at least that's how this story comes across to me. Not to mention some of the things you mentioned were committed by mentally insane individuals, whereas there is nothing to suggest this 14 year old girl is mentally insane.

Of course this is a lot to do with how I interpret the situation, I don't think the causes of murder are black and white like you seem to think it is.
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