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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by NoGimmicksNeeded View Post
Jam Master Jay, DJ Yella and Kool Herc did a lot for hip hop, so they should be on a best rapper list, too? More deserving is fair, a lot of guys on the list aren't my top picks, but you can't throw DJs and producers into it like that. Dre would get a lot more votes in that case.

Underground rappers may be 'better' than some mainstream guys, but if most people don't know them, they won't get voted into something like this. pageninetynine are one of my favourite bands, but they wouldn't get voted into a top rock list, even if they deserved it, because they simply didn't have that mainstream impact. It's the same when you're comparing Celph to Andre 3000, who is excellent but has the advantage of being a massive name who was on many acclaimed albums.

Just how it goes with these things, no need to get mad at it or try and show you're a more knowledgeable head.
I never once said"i know more than anyone".I may have made a mistake adding his name in but I was throwing out any name off the top of my head and Eric B and Rakim came to mind so I threw his name in. Fair but the rest of my points stand strong that no ones actually been able to argue otherwise.

But Like I said, it all depends on criteria thats why I threw names out the way I did. In terms of raw talent I named underground guys who have huge followings but why should being popular make you better? Thats also a point I made , record sales don't mean shit so I'm glad Lil Wayne wasn't added . I also put in old school names too that were left out. I just threw naems more deserving but I never once said they were the greatest of all time. More deserving is different from they should.

And where was I mad?I'm not the one red repping people
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