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Re: What would your reaction be if TNA turned PG?

The problem with WWE is that it's PC. If you want to see how far a PG show can go, turn on NickJr at 10PM (even earlier if you live in the west) when it becomes NickMom. All the shows are PG and they all involve perverted women and remember, this is a channel created for and catering to young kids.

Here's something I heard on this PG show called "MFF" (Mother Friends Forever, which I believe is a play on words regarding the term MILF.) There are 12 women standing around in a bedroom, 4 in the bed discussing women/mother issues and one woman says

"My daughter saw my husband in the bathroom(nude) and she asked me "How come daddy has 2 tongues?" and another women replied "Did you tell her that one was for going to the bathroom and the other was for mommy?"

And that was only 1 out of like 2 dozen or so things I heard, that you wouldn't even hear on WWE.

WWE is banning anything that can be seen as offensive or dangerous in anyway. They made fun of Vickie Guerrerro's weigh and they got in trouble from their sponsors. They made veiled homophobic remarks and they got in trouble from partners. They banned chair shots, blood, choking someone with a rope, neck maneuvers on Morning slam, the punt, at one point the word wrestling etc etc.

It's not the PG that's ruining the WWE, it's the Political correctness and it's not going to change. WWE has to answer to all of their sponsors/partners and in this day and age anything and everything can be seen as offensive.

TNA's product right now is pretty PG anyway, but I am disappointed that they have had to ban some things already because you don't know where it ends and you want TNA to have 100% creative license to do whatever they want. Wrestling is not meant to be censored, it's more an art then a sport. If you banned nudity, or sexism, or anything controversial from art... then art as we know it would cease to exist.

Anyway, PG is not that big a deal if your allowed to use that full PG rating, but once you start submitting too PC, YOU WILL DIE A SLOW DEATH.

P.S. I don't know when it will happen, but it will happen, maybe not 10 years from now, but within 20-100 years I bet you there is a strong movement for the banning of eating meat. Now it probably won't go through, but there will be a lot or turmoil over it and if you think it's impossible, just look at prohibition. And now in new york, sugary drinks are practically being outlawed.

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