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Re: Random Sig Tutorial.

Originally Posted by Jamjam22 View Post
Everyone did Punk, so I thought I'd try the tutorial with someone else. Not quite sure if it's good or not but I just tried it out for the hell of it. The tutorial was very helpful, hoping to see more of these actually.

Try changing the colour of the text to white, and having a red shadow/outline rather than yellow. Just to add a bit of contrast. Also, desaturate the final grungey texture you used. And hold shift when resizing images, the left background image is out of shape as well.

Originally Posted by AwSmash View Post
I've only got one complaint.. and that's the text. TBH it just looks like a random style you chose. Needs to be more grungy, but other than that.. that's a pretty rad piece.
This is wrong in my opinion, the font style doesn't have to be grungey at all. Mine wasn't, the textures and inner glow with a bit of noise added should add enough of an effect to make it look good.

Smash, your's is a good effort, I think the text could be blended a bit better, as could the main image, The colour could use a bit of a touch up to me, the depth of colour on CM Punk could be better, and I'm not too sure about the rose tinted-ness of it all either. Still...probably the best effort so far.

ABK, I don't like the colouring at all tbh, and the red font doesn't work, and CM Punk looks mis-shapen. Maybe try another with a darker background, and a different font colour. Also, TAKE YOUR TIME.

Lizard, not sure you got any of what I said to be honest. If you're not sure of the techniques used, just read up about them a bit.

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