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Re: Fourteen year old strangles new born

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
Having a baby in your bathroom is not going to great lengths to hide being pregnant? Are you having a laugh mate?
In her childish mind it might be, but to any sane parent it should have never, ever gotten to that point. It should've been obvious is the only point that I'm trying to make here. There is no excuse for her killing the little boy, don't get confused. I'm all for some sort of punishment. I just don't think she needs to be held to adult standards when she isn't one. I put more of the blame on the parents than her.

As i mentioned earlier, there are lots of documented cases where mothers have failed to realise they're pregnant. Hell, there's even a TV show about it. Just because you associate a pregnancy with someone having a massive stomach doesn't always make it so.
The police report says she weighs 100 pounds sans child. Assuming she gave birth to an average sized baby at 7-8 pounds, that is pretty close to 1/10th of her body weight without the child concentrated on her stomach.

I just cannot expect a 14 year old to be mature about the situation. As I said, she needs to be incarcerated and realize that there are consequences for her disdainful actions. She more than likely needs some sort of a mental health program in her life at this point. Her life is already ruined at 14 as her picture and name are plastered on every major news program and website.

There have been studies doneon it, and while it is only an estimate one study has it as 1 in 7225 at the time of birth. That is far more common than you would think.
There have been reports that are saying that she didn't know she was pregnant. I think that it's a bunch of bullshit and she knew damn well that she was pregnant or she would not have gone to the measures that she wound up taking. They said that she was treated at a hospital for a miscarriage and that she flushed the child down the toilet...I mean, is that any more humane than what she did? Where were the police then? Only because she put the child in a shoebox in her room (again, in her mind outsmarting her parents, but any adult in their right mind would have known beforehand) did the police decide to take action.

You can't have the death penalty on a minor for one, and anyone calling for it here is also an idiot. She is being tried as an adult and i have absolutely no problems with that.
Agreed on the death penalty thing. This little girl isn't Casey Anthony by a long shot. I don't think the adult charges will stick once she gets on the stand.
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